Britney Spears - Circus

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utopia6021 said:
ifuseebritney said:
does anyone know how many copies circus(album) and "IfUSeekAmy" sold in the UK

If U Seek Amy sold 96,500 and the album did 341,815.

thanks utopia6021 for the sales figures, gr8, oh i wish the album did better here tho, but i really wish blackout sold enough to be certified platinum :(
I need some of you Britney fans to help me with something.

I've downloaded a performance of "Toxic" and I'd like to label it in my music library but have no idea what program or country it is from.
Here is the information I do have:
1) It takes place somewhere populated by primarily Asians
2) Britney is wearing a black bra, an open black jacket, a weird almost tribal skirt, and black boots. She also has a weird necklace thing on.\

Sorry for my lack of descriptive language regarding the wardrobe. I'm a guy.

Anyone able to identify this performance for me earns my adoration and respect.

That is all.
Bananas! said:
Could you post a screencap?

Took me a few but yes I figured out how!

This isn't against any forum rules is it?
That was the Britney & BOA special, where they met and BOA gave her a hand warmer. Lol.

Oh and Britney sings a note of Silent Night live and sounds amazing.
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