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Britney Spears - Conservatorship Ended #FreedBritney

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. I love how she uses her real, deep voice in Womanizer.
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  2. Staying up all night for the leak/radio premiere, sitting on this forum to read the reaction... is a visceral memory that lives rent-free in my brain. That underwhelming feeling I got after the first play comes up any time I hear Womanizer. It's a fine song, but lives on the lower end of her discography and one of the very few times a new Britney single did not meet my expectations.
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  3. I was a freshman/sophomore in college and the house DJ in my fraternity when "Blackout"/"Circus" were released. When I tell ya I had a basement full of frat bros dancing to "Gimme More" & "Womanizer" on the weekends in full force.... was a sight to see. She truly had the general public wrapped around her finger with these eras and massive songs.
  4. I instantly hated it when I heard the sirens. It was a grower. It was a grower.
  5. FIVE? It means he missed the golden age of Britney in her first five years, so I'm glad I am old (just kidding haha). I was almost 20yo when it came out, I remember hearing a snippet of the demo, in a cyber cafe, at 8 pm, all alone, when finished my day at the uni. Can we go back?
  6. Ten years later and I’m still desperate for this demo to leak in full:

  7. It sounds fanmade?
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  8. It was one of the first two snippets that leaked way ahead of the song’s premiere.
  9. That's Bonnie McKee's demo that a fan fucked with. Bonnie's full demo of Hold It Against Me is the demo. It sounds almost identical to Britney's with the exception of the added middle 8.
  10. "Music.. on demand" wow, that's a throwback. God bless Ms Limewire.
  11. My local gay club played this version for weeks!
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  12. I remember being in gBar in liverpool in 2015 and they played this version dd
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  13. This is pretty much my opinion on the matter, too. It's just so... anemic.
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  14. New court papers were filed.

    Britney Spears’ lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, calls on her dad, Jamie, to “resign now” in a new statement: “Britney Spears will not be bullied or extorted by her father. Nor does Mr. Spears have the right to try to hold his daughter hostage by setting the terms of his removal.”

  15. This is a scathing read of Jamie dddd what I would give for a livestream for when Rosengart finally gets to cross examine him.
  16. They shred him up! That is such a strong compelling statement that has so much conviction behind truly attaining her freedom. This has to be the nail in the coffin for him.

    Dragging Lou Taylor and company into this is fantastic to see as well~
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  17. That’s how I’ve always felt about Womanizer. I remember feeling so disappointed the first time I heard it because I was so excited.
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  18. Ah, the Music On Demand tags for Womanizer, hearing the BURIM. EXCLUSIVE, BABY tags over a massive sound system at my 2009 homecoming dance...the late 00s were a TIME
  19. That webcam version of Piece Of Me that had Jeffree Star talking over it..

  20. The WIP screensaving-ish layout on the website with the “GIMME MORE” title flashing. Horrible times. But good times.
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