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Britney Spears - Conservatorship Ended #FreedBritney

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Make Me is a superb Britney single. She sounds angelic and even G Eazy sounds sexy as hell. I’m not mad about it.
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  2. I was never a huge fan of Make Me tbh but I’m glad other people appreciate it.
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  3. Tri-Star seem to have removed all mention of Loucifer's name and image from their website and have also deactivated their Twitter. Interesting.

    Jamie flips track and files to TERMINATE the entire Conservatorship...which gets moved up from a January 2022 to the September 29th hearing... Britney gets engaged and then deletes her brand Instagram seemingly on her lawyers advice... Netflix are expected to drop teaser for their documentary any day now according to credible sources... and now THIS? All in the space of a couple of weeks.

    Anyone else feel like something huge is about to/already did go down/be exposed and Jamie and Co. are in an absolute blind panic? I can almost hear Matt sharpening his knives for an imminent bloodbath.
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  4. I really hope the conversation around conservatorships will continue beyond Britney. It’s really systemic nightmare fuel. At its root, it continues to be a problem on how society doesn’t know how to deal with mental illness/disabilities beyond the platitudes in media. Part of me wishes that Britney would remain somewhat visible even after all this so that there’ll be continued pressure to update the laws and change people’s mindsets.

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  5. Judge Brenda is getting exposed as we speak for trying to dismiss another conservortee's fraud compensation claim on the grounds said person should have noticed the fraud BEFORE Penny had to sign off on the accounting as the
    Judge. Effectively she's telling this person on one hand that they are unable to manage their own finances and need a guardian to take control, then victim blaming the Conservortee for not having the diligence to oversea their own finances when it turns out they had been screwed over. The whole system is non-sensical, rotton to the core and designed to protect everyone involved bar the conservatee.

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  6. Burn in hell Pennywise!
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  7. Oh Judge Penny... What is you doing?
    Tsk tsk..

    Britney was one of those to help revive pop music when it was feeling stagnant in the late 90's, she showed the world what INCREDIBLE strides a live performance can be while simultaneously taking a backseat to live singing, she introduced music that helped us singlehandedly embrace our sexual identities and be comfortable in our own skin. And now ladies and gentlemen, she's going to crack open the corrupt world that has negatively engulfed people in conservatorships and we'll always remember it all started with the very moment that she decided, she needed to speak up for herself and her own human rights in that very court hearing we will forever remember on June 23rd.
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  8. I’m here for this new meme format.

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  9. My Queen once again showing up for THE Queen. We love to see it.

  10. Her radiant joy in Slumber Party, I felt that! It comes across so vividly on the screen, I think Brit Brit felt it, too.

    We love a talented stan.

  11. This side-by-side of the rehearsal vs the actual performance, though.

    The precision, the dedication, the talent, the stage presence, the work ethic...all at 18 Y.O. She is literally incredible and there will never be another.

  12. What ever happened to the rate Britney's music thing on here? Did I miss it?

    Anways I love the Make Me appreciation. It was exacty what she needed at the time and has held up so well. Having said that I really feel like Mood Ring might be my favorite from Glory. Her vocals are so damn good.
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  13. Have there been any credible updates on the Netflix doc? It feels like a lot of whispers and speculation at this point, especially for something that people are claiming comes this month.
  14. Deuxmoi has been the most “credible” source for it so far, but there hasn’t been any official announcement. I feel like the continuous developments in the case has probably been forcing them to continuously update it.
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  15. It's shocking how well she commanded the stage (and the world music scene) when she was barely an adult.
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  16. Also this (unfairly forgotten) performance that deserves to be as iconic as the one posted above.

    She was such a force onstage at such a young age.
  17. Unpopular opinion but this had no business being lipped. In general all the Stronger performances should have focused on Britney singing it live, since it's such a passionate and emphatic song, rather than her doing another dance routine (the dancebreak of course stays).
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  18. I love the whole attitude of this performance but I could never really get into it because she didn’t sing it live. Even with a heavy backing track, that could have given this the oomph it needed.
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  19. I feel like Stronger actually requires a lot vocally and given she lacked power to sing live simpler songs like Everytime in her prime, maybe it was all for the best that that mic was off. She should’ve prerecorded vocals though.
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  20. She sang Everytime live when she had not been full-out dancing for an hour prior.

    There is nothing in Stronger that couldn't be replicated with enough rehearsal time and a good use of background singers or a backing track.
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