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Britney Spears - Conservatorship Ended #FreedBritney

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Wait since when are we judging the quality of a Brit performance based on whether or not she lipped? That AMA performance is iconic beyond and I dream of having more of an HD rip every day haha. Def in my top 10 of her performances.
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  2. She’s back on IG.

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  3. Looks like the photo is actually from February?

  4. It isn't the same picture, the background is different. Maybe she's just wearing the same shirt and necklace? And before anyone mentions the red hair, the recent paparazzi pictures didn't have it and I'm assuming they were just clip in extension rather than dye. I don't want to go down the rabbit hole so I'm just leaving it at that.
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  5. It's very clearly from the same day, her hair color and length is exactly the same. Which make the caption even more puzzling...
  6. Not to discount the impact the movement has had but I can't wait until she can post a picture without people looking for secret signals.
  7. RMK


    I'm not really interested in decoding or policing her images or instagram posts, but that did immediately feel like an image or photoshoot I've seen on my feed before.
  8. It's in full swing!
  9. It's not really 'looking secret signals' in this instance, it's questioning why an image from February would have the caption claiming to be from this past weekend.

    I'm not trying to decode or police her content but it is odd to lie about something like that. Especially when it's the first post after her social media 'break.'
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  10. My post wasn't directed at you or anyone personally, I can honestly see where everyone is coming from.

    I just look forward to a time when she's free and we don't have to question if everything that's posted in her name actually comes from her.
  11. Yea I definitely agree with that.
    I just want her to be done with all this mental torture and able to live life on her own terms.

    I pray for the day will soon come where she's finally rid of her fathers constraints and the leeches on her so called team.

    No lies or smokescreens to keep up appearances. Just doing whatever the fuck she wants and not having to apologise for it.
  12. I’m actually not sure that the analysis of her Instagram the part of the movement that created a big impact on #FreeBritney, to be honest—if anything, it may have discredited it a lot last year by giving it a conspiracy lean. The most effective facets have been people spreading actual information about the conservatorship (particularly buying court documents and going through them with a fine comb) on social media and them actually rallying during the court dates. On the other hand, I guess it helped create some awareness because those kinds of things are the ones that go viral.

    I don’t think she sounded particularly good when she sang Everytime live, which is why I brought it up. I just can’t imagine her being able to sing live the chorus of Stronger particularly without her voice cracking. Maybe she could’ve sung the verses live.
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  14. The blurb for Britney's feature in the Time 100, narrated by Andy Cohen

    "This year, Britney Spears's fight to be heard is reframing the way we think about mental health, systemic misogyny and the powerful forces that exploit vulnerable people, no matter how famous they are."

    On a side note, these blurbs keep on saying "over a hundred million records sold", but isn't she at more than at least 150 million records from what I last saw, a big chunk of which are albums?
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  15. There is absolutely no way that photo is from a recent weekend, it’s pretty obvious in fact it’s months old.

    Which begs the question, where is Britney? Hopefully, she’s happily laid by her pool, with her fiancé having a great time. However, we know what happened back in 2019…

    I find it frankly fucking astounding that she’s still under the ‘care’ of these people given the testimony she delivered. The entire system is corrupt to the core.
  16. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Her insta will always be weirdly over-analysed long after Jamie has finally gone......
  17. Allegedly, the Netflix documentary will be officially announced tomorrow with a release date for 28th September.
  18. I am torn about the documentary. I think it will further put pressure on Penny / her dad / etc to finally put this thing to an end which is the best outcome, but I don't like that they are going against her wishes and releasing it.
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