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Britney Spears - Conservatorship Ended #FreedBritney

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

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    The timing of that voicemail fits very clearly with my long-held theory (not that I’m claiming originality) that Britney believed if she did the Circus tour, she’d prove she could handle her life and the conservatorship would be eliminated. When that didn’t happen is when she started to change more in public and I think adopted the ‘good soldier’ mentality for as long as she could, with some detours along the way until things really broke down.

    I’m going to need an eight-figure book deal announcement once this thing is finally ended.
  2. I really hope and pray that Netflix has gotten this right! The title and teaser are intriguing!
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  3. I hope they get it right and, if they do bring up 2007, only in passing. The title hints more at this being Britney vs her dad and I hope that's the angle they go with.

    That being said, when she is out of this, I can't wait until she can tell her own side of the story when she's ready, whether it be a book, a documentary, a long sit down interview; I don't care.
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  4. I love the title. It'll be interesting to see how they're approaching this VS how Framing did. I'm guessing this will skip the look at her early career and focus more specifically on the intricacies of the conservatorship and how long she's wanted to get out of it.
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  5. Aww this is so sweet. I can’t they’re now 15 and 16!

  6. The Netflix thing is just giving me ick/exploitative vibes. We'll get a sense from the trailer I guess.
  7. I also thought it felt a little sensational but praying it has some substance!
  8. If I’m not mistaken, she actually addressed it in the July 15 hearing and name dropped the Circus Tour, something along the lines of she’d been told she had multiple psych tests during this time and told if she were good, they would end it.

    This is so lovely and I guess this explains why she doesn’t post about them more often. The line about them not reading it (when she has millions following her account ddd) also makes me think they’re somewhat avoiding the Internet when it comes to her, which sounds healthy.
  9. Explains why right after the Circus Era her attitude changed. Why she was more quiet and reserved during interviews/on stage, just felt like she didn't have passion for the music she was putting out there much of the time. But just a simple theory of mine.
    Also.. I went to the doctor last month and it was so nerve wracking, the nurse I had was quite rude and made my nerves worse and sitting in the waiting room by myself was quite nerve wracking as well. And that was just for a simple appointment about anxiety meds. I can't imagine how Britney is feeling after developing a phobia of small rooms with what she endured during her medical appointments.
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  10. Unless the Netflix documentary delves into Lou Taylor and where the money is, they can keep it.
  11. I'm much more interested in this documentary being a commentary on the conservatorship system. Exposing Lou and Jamie is a plus, but they wouldn't have succeeded if there wasn't an exploitative system existing in the first place. It's not broken btw, it's working exactly as it was intended: to isolate, medicate and liquidate wards until they die. I'd rather not sugar coat it. Conservatorships protect no one besides those in power, and will always harm the disabled. Freeing Britney is sadly only the beginning, she herself said it.

    Hoping ELC does her due diligence and makes sure that narrative is included.
  12. This poster is making the rounds on Twitter.

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  13. Good to see Britney's Dance Beat is getting a sequel!
  14. The Netflix doc title is so impactful and smart with this double meaning - Britney against the rest of the Spears but also Britney against Spears the brand which lead to this conservator ship cash machine.
    Looking forward to see the trailer later today.
  15. I can’t imagine what Britney’s feeling right now. I hope this documentary does not sensationalise her trauma but instead sheds light on the institutionalisation of disabled people and the toxicity of ableism. Netflix normally does well with seeking truth but given the context it’s difficult to predict how they’ll go about this.
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  16. My only real hope for the documentary is that they don't interview Sam Lutfi.
  17. A teaser for a trailer makes me roll my eyes. It's so inappropriate to build this kind of hype around her court date. If you actually cared about telling a complete story you would wait until next year anyway.
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  18. I’m fairly certain he’s hinted awhile back that he was interviewed for it.
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  19. Sam is interviewed on it. Adnan too.
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