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Britney Spears - Conservatorship Ended #FreedBritney

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. The announcement of a trailer seems a bit over the top, though.

    Although, that does seem on brand for Britney ('s team).
  2. It is Britney spears were talking about. Queen of big spectacles.
  3. Netflix does teaser trailers often, especially when program they're promoting is coming so soon. They're building hype with the release less than a week away, so it makes sense that they're gonna do the most to push it and build awareness.

    As far as the documentary itself goes, I have faith based solely on the team that's working on it. I think there are aspects to the story that we all have to admit are just uncomfortable, and while Sam is gross, he's an essential part of this story. The job of a great journalistic filmmaker is to get information from as many sources as they can, and as close as they can to the subject – no one was closer to Britney when the conservatorship happened than Sam, unfortunately. Whether or not they present his side of the story as fact is what matters. Given the reputation of the filmmakers involved, I think they'll be doing their due diligence.
  4. I may be naive but I wholeheartedly believe that any attention and media scrutiny right before the court date (especially as important as this one) is good news. It's bound to put pressure on Pennywise. I just hope they don't rehash and explore "the breakdown" all over again but instead dive into the conservatorship abuse and finally throw Lou Taylor into the spotlight as I feel she has so far escaped most of the scrutiny.
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  5. Yeah, I need this documentary to be the nail in the coffin for these monsters. It has to be...
  6. I just wish someone who interviews Sam would challenge him. He told US Weekly Brit was bi-polar and then as soon as that narrative didn't suit him he claimed he's never talked about her mental health and there's nothing wrong with her. He has multiple restraining orders against him. He leaked her music. He still has some of her belongings and shows them off to fans like a creep. I get that he was a part of the story and they want to hear from him but if so challenge him on all his hypocrisies and slip ups. Don't paint him to be some misunderstood figure. And for the love of God do not call him her "manager".
  7. There was this weird Sam Lutfi redemption arc happening quietly not long ago so if they've tapped into that at all I'll be so mad. I think there is a conversation to be had about how her father probably treated Lutfi has an immediate threat to Britney for way longer than he needed to, which then moved the conservatorship from being temporary to permanent, but that doesn't mean we go all the way back and say Lutfi was never a threat.
  8. I have mixed feelings. The Framing documentary seemed like a great exposé to get the story into the press but this feels… opportunistic. Now that the public has heard Britney express her personal grievances and horror a documentary without her involvement feels crass. She should tell her story.

    I also doubt they’ll challenge Sam, and he’ll be painted as an anti-hero in the story. Scummy, considering he’ll try and worm his way back in as soon as she’s free.
  9. Same. The Britney’s Gram girls planned on confronting him on their new podcast by asking him about some of the reports about him from over the years, kind of giving him a chance to clear things up. Instead, he posted the list of questions they were going to ask, accused them of trying to contradict him/being Team Con, and turned a bunch of his sheep against them.
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  10. I think that you really can't tell this story, at least not accurately and fully, without including Sam's involvement, as shitty as it is to give him any attention. I could see him positioning himself in a way where he wants some sort of redemption arc for talking, but I hope I'm right in my gut feeling that they won't give it to him. Because while you can't tell this story without him, you also can't tell it without accurately shining a light on the fucking leech that he is. There are some really reputable and big names attached to this, and I hope it's not naive to think they'll do their due diligence and come correctly. The people on Brit's side are out for blood this time, given the increased visibility and sort of peek behind the curtain Brit herself has been able to finally give us. There's no way they can make anyone who has actively had a hand in hurting her, especially someone that's done as much damage as Sam, seem sympathetic or redeemable without public outrage. I don't think they'll dare try it. I feel like the vast majority of people are behind her and ready to fight back against any narrative that tries to place any of the blame on her. I honestly can't wait and I have a feeling that while the NYT doc made the initial waves, this one will be the final, devastating blow to any defense from her father and his team.

    I still get emotional when I think of all the progress and the absolute whirlwind that this year has been for Brit and her case. I remember seeing shit go viral what felt like every week last summer in regards to her instagram and I never would've imagined that a year later we'd be here. The emotions won't just be running high when she's finally granted her freedom, they'll be immense.
  11. Interesting stuff

    From the article:
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  12. Seems promising

  13. I got goosebumps watching that.
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  14. Whew! This looks very interesting and I like the angle they’re taking.
  15. Wow. I got chills.

    It looks like they interviewed the doctor that Jamie said evaluated Britney and he's denying it! What else are they going to pull out of those computer files?

    No sleep for me tonight ffs.
  16. Shit not Netflix pounding the final nail in the coffin for those bullies.

  17. I like this a lot so far.
  18. This reassures me a bit.
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