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Britney Spears - Conservatorship Ended #FreedBritney

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. It's been said before, but something about all of these documentaries (including those that have been greenlit but aren't airing yet) still feels exploitative. The whole media circus reminds me of 2007/08 but through a post-#MeToo lens, which is to say... everybody wants a piece of the pie, everybody wants to have these conversations in the public sphere, but there's not always the support for survivors or follow-through (see: Time's Up)... It feels weird to say there's an element of sensationalism, because it truly is explosive stuff, but I hope these media outlets are not forsaking accuracy or highlighting the wrong voices. Ultimately, if it helps inform the public of her situation, that's good. I just hope the media and public are respectful of her when the dust settles.
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  2. I think it has more to do with all of them wanting to get their specials in ahead of next week's hearing than trying to one-up each other. Anyone who waited until after next week would likely have to do some major updating/tweaking to the entire thing, and we already knew the New York Times crew were working on a follow-up.

    That said, the rush of so many of these leaves a bad taste in my mouth as it's all feeling - as @Mirwais Ahmadzaï wrote - a bit exploitative, especially after Britney's comments on the first once. As mentioned, I'll be tuning into both this and the Netflix specials (sorry to CNN), but decades of awful coverage have left me struggling to trust these being respectful to the subject, even if they are told through a far more timely lens.
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  3. I hope they actually play the audio recording.
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  4. Given what is said about re: protecting their sources, I'm expecting something explosive. The talk about the USB and him having a copy, makes me think that it'll be leaked.

    If anything personal does leak, I do feel sorry for Britney. She should be having some say in this as well with what is heard. Does the guy know if it was Britney who asked her security to destroy what was on the USB for example?

    I have lots of questions and concerns.
  5. Honestly, I highly doubt it was Britney who wanted it deleted.
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  6. Not Fe doing the documentary rounds! Give this queen a Golden Globe x
  7. I guess we're all prepared to be not happy with how these documentarys will turn out. But honestly, if it is successful in putting pressure on "those" prior to the court hearing then that's all we can really ask for from it.
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  8. The Controlling Britney Spears trailer does look way more sensationalist than Framing did. This one I'm not feeling at all. The Netflix one I get was in the works for a while and the tone - so far - seems in the right place. But this one just feels a bit like cashing in.

    I hope Fe participating in all these doesn't alienate her from Britney in the future.
  9. I don't know. I imagine the creators of the Framing doc realized they were just scratching the surface of something very disturbing. Remember, they created it before Britney spoke in open court and it sounds like a lot of people came forward after that.

    You can argue both sides of this but at the end of the day if it puts more pressure on the system to take this case seriously it's a positive.
  10. A Sony A&R person just bought a sealed copy of the UO GH:MP vinyl from me on Discogs.

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  11. She's coming!
  12. Yep!

  13. How are people supposed to get approval and/or input from Britney when nobody can reach her?
  14. Playing devil's advocate, I think every single documentary so far has tried to reach Britney to get an input/opinion/approval with nothing back.

    Is it Team Jamie stopping her from speaking or not passing across the message? Does she just not approve of them and doesn't respond? Who knows.
  15. Well, Samantha and the Netflix team both admitted that they have good intel that Britney knows the documentaries exist, and no response could very well mean, “No, I don’t feel like doing a documentary right now.” All these can be true: The documentaries help her, Britney doesn’t like any of them and they’re there to make money from her story.

    He says it all should be attributed to #FreeBritney which is a fan-led movement. So he (and Britney from her Instagram posts) may not mind the fan support, but dislike the idea of traditional, big media cashing in on her own story again. We all know Britney’s experience with them. From violating her privacy in the 2000s, they became a PR machine for her father in the 2010s and suddenly, they’re all for “helping” her now? I can’t blame her for immediately distrusting them before even watching.
  16. Someboy

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    I mean, I don’t know that on one hand, she can have her own (public-facing) lawyer who’s been speaking on her behalf and working for her interests, and also be completely unreachable.

    I think, at some level, fans need to accept that these docs do have a sensationalist, entertainment-driven aspect to them, and you just have to deal with it, that there’s a moral grayness to the media aspect of the case and the products produced around it, even when it’s done in a pro-Britney fashion.
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