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Britney Spears - Conservatorship Ended #FreedBritney

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. No thanks. I choose my own destiny.
  2. The fact that she's wearing leopard after praising Gaga for wearing leopard is not lost on me.

  3. Ok I literally love her so much for just shopping in regular stores
  4. I can 100% see Britney shopping at Primark and loving it
  5. SBK


    Just found this upload from August;

  6. Yep, the full version with Shayne is out there. I like it, it’s very 2009
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  7. Yeah it leaked a while ago now
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  8. SBK


    How did Shayne Ward pull that potential collab off in 2009!?
  9. The producer said it was never an actual collab and that Britney recorded it solo for The Singles Collection. I’m guessing it was a “Dramatic” situation.
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  10. Heidi Montag and her schemes remain iconic.
  11. I used to live for the Dramatic edit that pitched down Heidi's vocals to the point she sounded like a demon.

    Unfortunately I can no longer find it on Youtube.
  12. Youtube and its algorithm got me stumbling on these videos where she is genuinely moved by a simple question about her mother. The way she easily gets emotional just talking about Lynne and how fondly she speaks of her mom - it's so relatable for me. We'll truly never know the full story of what her family did that broke her faith in them but it's... tragic in some way that all the love that she used to have for them is just... gone forever.

  13. What an exhausting day of work and feeling alone on the holidays. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!
    I'm thankful for all of you guys and your vast creative opinions and ultimately our common love for Britney.
  14. HD AI Restore of Britney In the Zone and Out All Night. She really is the sweetest person ever and boy she could perform.

  15. Sam's Story on Thanksgiving with Britney. So cute.

  16. Hahahaha that cracks me up.
    Just imagining Britney trying to slap the fork outta his hand with each bite rising to his mouth.

    (God I love her high voice. Especially when she utilizes it in her songs.)
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  17. I've decided I like Big Fat Bass. It's basically a Charli XCX song.
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  18. It's strange when you talk to others about somebody you love the emotion can be so overwhelming, but in your own head it never seems that way? Britney was in the spotlight so young she probably yearned for her mother so much but never got the time, hence why she could easily cry speaking of her.

    But I completely understand why Britney would cut her off now, how a mother could allow her own daughter to go through what Britney did... pure evil people.
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