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Britney Spears - Domination (Vegas Residency)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by QueenB, Oct 22, 2018.

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  1. Tickets are on sale now.



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  2. Tbh I'll have to see her when I'm in the States. She probably won't even come back to Australia after the Circus Tour fiasco.
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  3. Can't wait for her to tour with this come 2024.
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  4. Think we should already start discussing her lazy moves, how she’s the weak link, where Overprotected is on the setlist and why she doesn’t seem to be in it at all?

    Maybe a best of of ten second segments from the last residence where she suddenly was/wasn’t on point?

    Or are the other threads enough?
  5. My biggest concern for this residency is purely her styling. I think we all know that a make up artist / hair stylist is never gonna happen - she cleariy hates them.

    But it would be nice if the costumes constitute more than a rotating mix of bra / panty combos. Considering it’s called ‘Domination’ and Britney’s preference, I won’t hold my breath on actual clothes / coorindtas pieces. Sigh.
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  6. I think I might go to the 2nd leg in May. Give them time to warm up and work out the kinks. With my luck she'll launch a new single during the 3rd leg and I'll wish I'd waited. dddd.
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  7. Did they ever actually state how long the new residency will initially run for?
  8. I think Larry said she signed a 2 year contract with Park MGM.
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  9. 2 for now, and another 2 in 2020 then! ‘2 MORE YEARS’ ... woo.
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  10. There’s a presale today for Citi cardholders.

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  12. More promo pics are coming “soon.”

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  13. I feel like the next promo run it’s going to really step it up a gear. I have faith in NappyTabs, and it’s reassuring that they seem really genuinely excited about the project themselves.
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  14. If only they'd drop a new song for it. I know it's impossible now but they missed a chance I think. But that's the story of Team Britney anyway.
  15. Team B wasting an opportunity?! I’m shocked.
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  16. Do we think this residency will come back? Will Britney do a different one? Will she even make music again?
  17. LMX


    You deserve to suffer for that one
  18. I thought this was coming back.

  19. Do we care more about her personal wellbeing and freedoms?
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