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Britney Spears - Femme Fatale

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by TM, Dec 2, 2010.

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  1. Exactly my problem with it.
  2. I have always thought Britney needed a 'Thriller'. She has so many iconic videos, but she has never had a 'mini-movie' one yet.
  3. Dont you think that if Britney makes a 'mini-movie' people would say she's copying Gaga?
    But I'd love a video like that
  4. Re: Britney Spears - 7th Album {March 2011}

    I'm pretty sure my stance is valid, considering I was comparing demos. The Out of My Head demo is much better than the Hold It Against Me demo. It's just a better song in general.
  5. I liked the cover at first, but not anymore. The picture is pretty, but I hate how she never has a facial expression anymore. It's always just this blank stare where she looks tired/dead in the eyes. Where as back in the day she could just look at the camera and do this really sexy seductive looking face without even trying. I still feel like she hasn't gotten her confidence back yet. It's frustrating but I think I'm thinking way too much into it lol. And yes, the font is terrible.

    I would like a mini movie sort of video if it was good. I don't like any of Gaga's long videos. Especially Telephone which I think is really really terrible. The horrid acting from Gaga, the tacky costumes, the amount of product placement. It was so messy and overdone/tryhard. I can't believe it's so praised. I think MTV even said it put her on the same level as Michael Jackson.
  6. You're going to get eaten alive in here. People around here can't handle hearing that she looks like she's been fighting sleep for 6 years.
  7. Was the facebook thing a rumour or simply scrapped?
    I like how people were saying that the team work on things constantly and change things up according to whats happening, makes me think Riz either has royally screwed up their plans or simply kickstarted them?

    We seem to have gotten a lot of announcements in one day which has been good but not exactly the well executed promo we were led to believe would happen.
  8. Everytime I try to remember the chorus to this I am reminded of these songs instead:

    Shattered Glass
    Kesha's Take It Off, Kiss N Tell, Cannibal
    Lil Jon's Hey (the second half of the chorus, also produced by Luke)
  9. I'm just so glad the cover picture is beautiful...the font not so much but oh well ha.
  10. The font is the only thing that picture's got going for it. It's the same cover as If U seek Amy and Radar.
  11. I think my avatar should be the single cover.
  12. I know I'm like, humungously late to the show, but where can i hear this 'real' demo? youtube search does not help at all.
  13. Except for the Womanizer cover, Jive is known for always choosing the worst font possible. The picture is quite nice.
  14. I like the fonts used.

    But I'd really like to know if this is a new picture or an old.
  16. Re: Britney Spears - 7th Album {March 2011}

    What is this 'Outta My Head/Out of My Head' demo?
  17. Re: Britney Spears - 7th Album {March 2011}

    Just an old demo:
  18. Re: Britney Spears - 7th Album {March 2011}

    I think it'd be far smarter to work with iTunes, as Leber hinted at - in order to maximise sales of the digital singles and album, in as smart a way as possible (see: Taylor Swift).
  19. Re: Britney Spears - 7th Album {March 2011}

    This "Outta My Head" song could be pretty amazing finished (means sung by a woman).
    But somehow I'm not thinking Britney listening to it. It's very the-hit-Kelly-Rowland-would-need-ish.
  20. Re: Britney Spears - 7th Album {March 2011}

    I looooooove "Outta My Head" and have listened to it since it appeared. Really wish it would have made it on the album, but of course it won't.
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