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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Get Back! Now there's a track that definitely warranted a place on the main Blackout tracklisting. And that's not just me placing a bonus track on a pedestal simply because it was a bonus track. It's absolutely sensational. Everybody...not so much.
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  2. 'Everybody' is great, though. I actually prefer it to 'Get Back'.
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  3. Everybody definitely suffers from bonus track syndrome. But Get Back is the perfect closer to the album.
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  4. I didn't like Everybody untill I heard this Sweet Dreams mashup, it should have been the official version!

  5. Get Back is perfection. It definitely should have been included on the main album.
  6. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    The only Blackout bonus of note is Outta This World.
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  7. Yeah sonically State of Grace doesn't fit in Blackout whatsoever, but I am surprised that they didnt include it on Circus; it's a gorgeous song and the closest Brit will ever get to that ~Ray of Light sound. I actually find Britney's unreleased discography to be quite strong you have potential bops (Secret, Kiss You All Over, Abroad, Rock Star), Britney delivering some of her best vocal performances (Everyday, Little Me, State of Grace) and some great left-field tracks (original And then We Kiss, Strangest Love, Dangerous). Basically they show a variety that's missing in some of her studio albums.
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  8. I still get a kii out of the fact that Everybody was a Cheetah Girls reject.
  9. I didn't know this.

    I suppose for someone like Britney, this is bound to happen throughout her career. We probably wouldn't even have Britney if it wasn't for TLC rejecting Baby, and she wouldn't have the iconic Toxic in her catalogue if it wasn't for Kylie rejecting it.
  10. Yeah. Only major difference is that Britney added the rap in.

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  11. Which also happens to be the best part.
  12. Get Back was supposed to be the lead single and was shunted when Britney insisted on Gimme More.
  13. As both a Britney & Cheetah Girls stan, I can't believe I never knew about this. Incredible.
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  14. I don't think theres any truth to that. Get Back was a registered title that people got ahold of and decided it must be the lead single. At one point Jordan from BH found out she recorded a song called Get Naked and insisted that was the lead single. I don't think theres ever been any actual proof or reason to believe it was going to be anything but Gimme More.
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  15. Danja said the lead was "Get Back" in an interview with MTV News in 2007, saying it sounded like Pacman, and that's when we got that bizarre fake "leak" shortly after.

    When she was shooting the video for "Gimme More", it was widely reported (because of Danja's interview) that the song was "Get Back" as well. Not that it means anything, but it wasn't something that came out of nowhere.
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  16. I'm pretty sure I read a few newspaper exclusives revealing the lead title as 'Get Back' around the time here in the U.K, as well as the pacman description and confirmation from Danja.
  17. Thank goodness Britney has such a good ear for her own music. Get Back is OK, but Gimme More is just leagues above it.
  18. I wish Get Back had been the lead single.
  19. Gimme More was the perfect lead though. Get Back is great, but it's not really single material. Gimme More did very well and "It's Britney, Bitch" literally became a part of American pop culture. Not to mention the VMA performance would've been ever more messy if Get Back was the lead.
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  20. I held the Glory vinyl in my hands today! I didn't have money to get it, but it was so beautiful.
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