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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. There are exactly 5 seats left for the Berlin show. Guess we can mark it as Sold Out!
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  2. After trying Live Nation all morning for 2 Glasgow tickets to no luck, I just tried again half an hour ago and got them... SO HAPPY!

    This will be my 4th time seeing Britney, the last time was the Femme Fatale tour in Newcastle.
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  3. I’m so happy the shows are doing well. I was fearing another Femme Fatale-esque embarrassment so it’s so refreshing to see such positivity coming from this.
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  4. After missing out on any decent seats again I'm wondering whether it's better to just wait for the second set of shows to be announced.
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  5. Haha nothing available within seconds. Come through mobile app presale at noon.
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  7. I'm also quite shocked at how well received the dates are being in the UK. The demand was clearly there, Vegas has genuinely done wonders for her reputation as a performer all around the world.
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  8. For those still wondering why her team booked small and limited venues, I honestly believe it's because they wanted exactly this to happen:

    Irish Mirror: Presale tickets for Britney Spears' upcoming Irish show are selling for up €650 each on The superstar's new tour 'Britney: Piece of Me' was only announced three days ago but there is already enormous demand for the tickets. Those who have already gotten their hands on the coveted presale tickets are flogging them on the online marketplace, with one seller offering four tiered seats for an astonishing €490 each. If a fan purchases these four tickets, they will also have to pay a hefty booking fee of €351.96, bringing the total cost of the tickets up to €2,311.96.


    Britney Fans Left Disappointed as Ticket Website Crashes
    Britney Fans Driven Crazy by Outrageous Crash on Ticket Website
    (there are a million variations of this headline for various local publications)

    I think this was always going to be a small cash-grab tour, but optically it makes sense that they'd prefer headlines to be portraying Britney as a hot ticket again. It's a much, much better look than having tickets pop up on Groupon. Maybe I'm giving her team too much credit, but I'm much happier to see this rather than her team having overshot and embarrassed themselves.
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  9. I wasn't expecting this much demand in places where her last hit was Scream & Shout. For the sake of her French fans, she should add a date in Paris. I'm sure it would sell well too.
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  10. But there are no small venues in Europe, they are all huge arenas.
  11. I know, that's why I said 'small and limited'. The American venues are (mostly) small, while the European leg is a relatively limited selection of dates. In general I just mean I'm glad they didn't overshoot.
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  12. She had about 4,000 unsold tickets for Dublin in 2011 so a sell-out and huge demand is true popjustice.
  13. Yeah London had a lot of spare tickets too.
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  14. I'm going to the Berlin show. Roll on August!

  15. One thing to come out of the random venues in the US is that it’s pretty much a confirmation that she’s moving to Park Theatre in Vegas. I’ve read that all the venues she’s performing at are owned by MGM so it’s basically confirmation she’s signed a deal with them.
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  16. Aaaand 'why is she not playing *venue of twink preference* *has breakdown*' is explained at once.
  17. I got the feeling this is some kind of tea.
  18. Who published this? And what songs have they produced?
  19. I love Sweden's next Eurovision entry.
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  20. It's not tea. It's fake news. Arash Labaf is a Swedish-Iranian singer. Needless to say, he's definitely not someone whom Britney or her team would know of.
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