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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

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  1. Right, I mean-- if this is as boppable as On the Floor or Dance Again, or hell, I LUH YA PAPI--I'm more than okay with this. Don't fuck it up, Pitbull.
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  2. That ain't Pitbull on "I Luh Ya Papi" but I'm here for the Britney and the army of male models in swimsuits music video.
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  3. LPT


    It'll get filmed. Then it'll get cancelled.
  4. Doesn't it sound like its Pitbulls song and she and Marc are featured? Pitbull being comfortable talking about it and Marc being on it makes it seem pretty clear to me that its a song for his project, not Britney's. I'm expecting her to pretty much just sing the chorus. Don't get your hopes up for her own On the Floor.
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  5. I wouldn't be so sure with the Pitbull collaboration being a sure fire hit. Look at the Shakira (Get it Started) duet and the recent Fifth Harmony collaboration.

    And yes, getting these collaborations in between albums is not bad. But I seriously would just wait for her next new album. That would build more excitement for me for the lead single if she's not appearing in someone else's single.
  6. Pitbull doesn't get hits anymore. His last album peaked at #29 in the US and his last 7 singles have failed to chart. His last Hot 100 entry hit #92 in 2015. His last top 20 was Booty with JLo hitting #18 in 2014.

    Also, I just tried to listen to a few tracks from the Panic! At The Disco record that came out today and
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    May I ask, when was Pitbull announced as the support for the Euro tour? I recall seeing it in this thread but never 'announced' announced. A fun support act any way (very jealous of those who got the PCD/Ciara gig!). I don' t remember there being one at the Aus. Circus tour.
  8. I'm pretty sure Britney tweeted it?


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  9. Wait . . . . Are Panic at the Disco and Britney rumored to collab?

    . . . I would be here for that collab, its unusual and Britney needs some Pop-Rock in her career.
  10. A Pitbull collab seems like an okay idea. It will keep her name out there while she takes a break from her regular album cycles every 2 years. I just don't want to her start hopping on anyone and everyone's songs. I think she really needs to hop on a popular DJ's song like Zedd.
  11. This tweet still makes me wet
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  12. I'm actually more interested in the Panic at the Disco collab even if it doesn't have a chance on becoming a hit.

    Can someone tell me how the PATD rumor came out?
  13. I hate that Britney and her team take 1 step forward and 5 steps backwards when it comes to her career choices. I bet Larry was like "You know would be a cool and funky collaborator, Pitbull!"

    J Balvin commented and reposted two of Britney's instagram posts featuring his music (he seemed thrilled about it). Also, Britney's boyfriend usually posts instagram stories listening to all these cool and up and coming latin artists. Why on earth would she choose the one who no one cares for (including her boyfriend)?
  14. I think if the artist herself Britney wants him, then let it be him. And I don't think that she should do something only because her boyfriend likes it or not.

    I get the Pitbull criticism and I don't love him either, but this fanbase has seen worse in the past that at this point I really don't think this is going to be a big problem for her career.
  15. I don't think the pitbull collab is a smart move but I also don't see it as a dumb move. Its just... a move. It will either do okay or be ignored, but I can't see it doing any damage to her
  16. I think Pitbull is her worst collaborator so far (yeah even worse than Will.I.Am and Iggy). had not really ruined his reputarion until just recently. The thing is that prior to the 2013 BJ fiasco he was this cool guy that did great hits with "The Black Eyed Peas", who also produced a major successful debut for Fergie and won many Grammys. He just turned extremely generic and tasteless this decade but lets just say that at least he had some nice and prestigeous achievements / background in the past.

    Iggy was quite hated but she was coming from a hot era and the fact that she was a female gave it a girl power feeling to whatever Brit and her did. The song turned out to be cr*ap unfortunately. But Iggy was just a harmless act.

    Pitbull on the other hand is like the lowest cash-in act you could find, that is truly the ultimate worst you can go.
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  17. I love how we're still pushing this narrative that Britney has no control over her music career. Quite frankly, I doubt Larry had anything to do with this. Britney herself has been wanting to collab with Pitbull for a while now.

    We haven't heard the song yet, but I doubt it'll be worse than Scream & Shout and Pretty Girls. We'll see though.
  18. It is the Pitbull name attachement what really sucks. As for the song itself I'm sure nothing can go worse than "Pretty Girls", nothing can beat that ugly mess!.
  19. I don't think this collab will go down worse than Pretty Girls did because quite honestly, I think it will be ignored by the public. I have a feeling they won't even know it exists after it drops. Unless she randomly decides to promote it like crazy
  20. Yeah, I also don't think it'll hurt her career like Pretty Girls did. It'll be a major flop at worst but I can't see it ruining her reputation.
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