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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

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  1. I still stan this entire album
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  2. One of my favorites ever! The tour performance was flawless!
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  3. I'm guessing these artists have only ever been popular in the UK?

    Some people really do the most here. If we're talking about her fading presence on the charts (not a discussion I took part in - it's a dead horse at this point) then it's only fair to take into account her chart success worldwide? It's a bit selective to say 'oh well Make Me went platinum in the US!' and neglect the fact that it flopped pretty much everywhere else. The US is her biggest market, it's not her only market.
  4. The last time Britney did any sort of promo outside the UK is 2008. I think that says it all.
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  5. It's ironic that we are here discussing her US/non-US charts and she probably spends most of her time thinking about banging her hunk boyfriend and doesn't even know how her last singles charted.
  6. Remember when she was doing interviews during BJ era and they told her she had the biggest first week sales for a female artist ever and she was like, "wait, really?"

    She does not give a crap about chart success or sales
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  7. Apart from her lingerie collection promo tour, gotta make sure that sells in Denmark!
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  8. She knew how many views had the I Wanna Go video, though
  9. I don't appreciate calling Toxic overrated, it's that iconic for a reason.
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  10. Thank you. It drives me crazy how fans call it overrated. Its not overrated in the slightest, no matter how many non-fans cling to it.
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  11. I've said this before, but calling Out From Under a bad song and your only rationalization is that "its from the Bratz soundtrack!!" makes you look like an idiot. If you don't like something about the writing or the production or her vocals, fine. But where a song comes from doesn't change how it sounds. And the "cover from the Bratz soundtrack" criticism is the most common amongst fans and its a bullshit reason to dislike something. No one besides hardcore Britney stans even knows another version exists.

    But its BuzzFeed and the list is a waste of time anyway.
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  12. closed down the tab the second I saw the gorgeous and totally underrated Out from Under in the top 10 worst list.
  13. Phonography not even getting a honourable mention as if it hasn't been done dirty enough

  14. Rem


    'Mmm Papi' is amazing and calling it one of her worst songs is just dumb.
  15. Rem


    ddd saying Toxic is for straight people.

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  16. The only good thing about that "article" is the fact that trash like "Big Fat Bass", "Pretty Girls" and "Body Ache" got dragged while gems like "Change Your Mind" and "Before the Goodbye" got praised. And "Hard To Forget Ya" is indeed one of her most underrated songs.

    "Mmm Papi" remains a bop.
  17. PayMe smashed his computer screen when he read the top 10 worst Britney songs list and didn’t see Hold It Against Me!
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  18. Lace & Leather and Hard To Forget Ya are not underrated tracks. They're both filler
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