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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

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  1. Britney and her team seem to have quite an old-fashioned approach ie if the second single doesn’t chart well they pull the plug on the whole album promo which is quite outdated especially for the streaming era. If anything a visual artist like her should be releasing more videos nowadays rather than fewer but they systematically just to choose to wrap things up instead. It’s the no1 thing I wish would change with the next album. Hits or not there’s no reason why she should stick to 2 singles per album especially when she has the money to finance any type of videoshoot she wants.
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  2. Its not clever. Its Genius.
  3. Love the new perfume promo bits (as usual they're miles better than her music visuals), but anyone else find it a *bit* odd that it's named after song that to my knowledge she has never performed live? Like, who beyond Britney stans remembers her version?
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  4. The 5 million+ people who bought the "Greatest Hits: My Prerogative".
  5. Europe!. Her version was bigger than the original song in that continent.
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  6. I don't think Perfume did as well as they were hoping considering it was Sia-penned and Britney's first ballad release in a while. Plus, I recall there was a lot of creative differences around the video? Britney Jean and any plans for subsequent singles was probably beginning to feel like more effort than it was worth with Vegas due to start less than a month after Perfume was released and looking to be successful anyway.
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  7. Britney Spears: My Prerogative has a nice ring to it for the new residency.
  8. queen of breaking gender norms.. but i want a song
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  9. This should have been the music video for Do You Wanna Come Over.

    Dominatrix Latex Britney spying boys through cameras. A concept.
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  10. But we already have this masterpiece

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  11. They can easily add "Do You Wanna Come Over" to this commercial and it would be perfect.
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  12. The ad is amazing. I want that as a music video. Would it be so hard? Like really a nice My Preorgative 2018 mix would have been nice enough as a 'gift for the fans' - coming along with her performing the original song on her tour.

    Dreams are a Britney fan's reality I guess.
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  13. What is this masterpiece? This is better than Break The Ice.
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  14. Only 9 seconds? Britney throw us a bone.

    She looks utterly stunning.
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  15. I can't stop watching it. Godney is real.
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  16. Physically I think she is the sexiest big-pop-girl now. No offense. I love all of them.
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  17. She's super fit right now. Guess her boyfriend is very motivational.
  18. The dominatrix jumped out.



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