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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

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  1. If they release more Meet and Greet upgrades for Manchester or London (Saturday night), I will be snapping one up. I would love to meet her!
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  2. I loathe Love Island but I guess it appeals to the masses that show.
  3. This is genius. It's about time someone did an up to date Britney impression that wasn't doing the Baby One More Time voice.
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  4. So Britney made more money on publishing this year than Janet.
    when the student outdoes the professor.
  5. When will my fridge
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  6. I remember being really pleased my date was after the album release so I'd have time to learn the new tracks but I heard that everyone was really awkward during the "Anticipating" sing-a-long so they added the lyrics to the screen.

    I also remember not watching the Vegas concert when it aired because I was seeing her in Los Angeles that week and wanted to be surprised and how incredibly painful it was to not cave and watch it before the show.
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  7. Yes, she was supposed to open in D.C. (I had a ticket) but it got delayed and rescheduled.
  8. I so wish she would’ve had another proper tour in support of Glory. Piece Of Me is an absolute chore at this point. I honestly wonder if she’ll ever tour a new album again.
  9. Suzanne Vega is a fan of Britney's version of Tom's Diner.

    What are your favourite cover versions of your songs?

    Britney Spears’ version of Tom’s Diner was great. I was most surprised by that one. In 1991 I made a compilation of covers of Tom’s Diner and called it Tom’s Album. Danger Mouse did a mash-up of it with 50 Cent’s In Da Club, which was interesting. Drake did a version. It’s been everywhere.

    Great to see it getting some recognition! I've always felt that Britney's version is so underrated. She did an awesome job with it.

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  10. Now up over 100 places to #182.

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  11. Britney tickets FINALY came today, so happy!
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  12. I know My Prerogative is out in America, but do we know when it will be in the UK yet? I need to smell like Godney wants me to.
  13. So did my London ones! I’m so excited!
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  14. Pepsi is a client of ours so we get Pepsi shipments every day. It was inevitable really.
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  15. Poor Fall Out Boy...
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  16. I agree, it's too bad her cover didn't get the first single treatment. When it leaked, initial response was very positive on social media and could have been a hit for her. The way her version concludes -- "And so I raise my head..." -- is perfect.
  17. I love to see her having fun with the boys while on tour. She seems to be enjoying it a lot more now than she used to, so hopefully there's more touring in her future.

  18. Yeah, She didn't have time to enjoy
    Britney TRULY lived the truman show.
    It wasn't until 2004 that she actually started to enjoy it and we know where that lead.
    back in 2000-2003, Even when she went to the mall in juicy couture and makeup applied or was on the beach it was mainly photo op'd
    that's how it was back in the day and because she was young and a popstar they really wanted to build her brand and that didn't include her actually enjoying the different locations as much.

    I, too, am happy that she actually gets to enjoy it now that her legacy is built and more and more things are being put out there to place her in the legendary icon level.

    I just wonder what's going to happen when the boys become men. I sure hope she has that daughter she wanted. She'd be a great mom to a daughter.
  19. I was LITERALLY looking for her on the beach yesterday in AC ugh I should've known she'd be doing something ridiculous like go-karting
  20. Billboard wrote a very nice review about last night's show in Atlantic City

    I love this bit
    When Spears left the stage on Friday night, the lights were quick to come up -- for a show this tightly plotted, there ain’t gonna be no impromptu encore no matter how turnt the crowd gets. But even without the audience clapping and screaming for more, the electric love for Britney Spears after the show wrapped was palpable. After all, it’s 2018 and Britney Spears -- the greatest survivor in 21st century pop music -- is still on her game, seemingly satisfied, present and comfortable in her skin and legacy. And for fans who’ve spent the better part of their lives gunning for her success, seeing her in person is nothing short of a pilgrimage to nourish the pop lover’s soul.

    Full review:
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