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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

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  1. I don't know how the track was played in the show (never watched it ddd) but it's no surprise as it's a fantastic song. It just never got a proper chance to be shown in the best light: horrible video, summer release, average performances.

    On the subject of nostalgia act, I don't care if that's how she's perceived. I'm just sad they're not releasing anything for the summer tour as it's the only chance of an international hit. If they had any interest in making her current again, they would. She could literally drop a single the week of Brighton Pride and it'd do big streaming numbers in the UK.
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  2. ’I Feel So Free With You’ is coming
  3. From what I have read (I do NOT watch that horrid prpgramme), the main guy she makes out with in Make Me, is the guy that is in Love Island.

    Hmm at the 40 age comment...
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  4. It would have to be a good song, don’t forget. Glory was a good album, but she’s still on probation as far as I’m concerned.
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  5. She always sings live.

  6. She’s still performing in Austin, TX for the Grand Prix in October.
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  7. Oh my...seriously?! Is it a full show?! How did I not know about this!
  8. True. Nostalgia acts represent a snapshot in time ONLY.
    Debbie and Paula represent late 80s pop without having musical impact past their time.
    At least Paula is an emmy winner for her choreography and American Idol reinvented her.

    In the end, Britney had hits and classics in the late 90s, early 00s, late 00s, early 10s etc.
    8 platinum albums (you can't name 20 females that have this accolade. I think britney is the 15th and Pink just became the 16th)
    15 years of hits before the struggle to find a new one
    Nothing about this is nostalgia when your impact is one multiple phases of pop music.

    Britney is a legacy act and if she has a hit then fine but music output from now one is about giving us quality and something to keep her legacy alive and well. This is why a celine can still have residencies and tours because she puts out decent music that keeps people coming back even knowing the songs/albums will never be Falling into you/My heart will go on.

    Britney will probably never have a Baby one more time/Oops...I did it again/Slave/Toxic/Womanizer song but she can still get some bops like scream and shout/3, anthems like Stronger/circus or actual quality songs like Make me/Change your mind (she wanted that song to be a 3rd single so bad) out there to keep people enticed and interested.
  9. Aren’t we done with this conversation yet?
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  10. Yeah I think it's the full show.
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  11. Yeah I just found tickets! Woo! Thank you, I would never have known!
  12. But a lot of live versions don’t sound similar to the record though? Gaga’s live vocals don’t sound like most of her vocals on The Fame. Beyoncé’s current vocals don’t sound like how they did when she recorded them a decade earlier.
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  13. Britney isn't someone whose ever been associated as being a live singer. No one expects it. I'm not even sure she could do it - maybe the odd song here and there but she doesn't have the chops to pull off a full live show.
  14. Yeah I don’t know why this is even a thing still. If her lipping is a problem for someone, then they’re more than welcome to not go because she’s not going to change. Everyone ought to know that she lip syncs and expect it.
  15. Clapping at @QueenB spreading the love. More of this in here, please!
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  16. She’s going to be on Fallon this Thursday!
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  17. Mind you just for a sketch though, not to talk new music or anything...
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  18. Fallon is SO annoying but I'll take anything I can get.
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  19. Please tell me the Pitbull collab is coming!

  20. She's just doing the Ew sketch:

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