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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

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  1. So then after saying
    you brought up that Whitney's performances had her "completely owning the world" and then brought up Mariah's great songwriting "Mariah writes pretty much everything" and then proceeded to say if Britney doesn't love performing "she's a bit fucked". When you say only negative things about one female artist (those thread you're in) and then only great things about the other two that's pretty transparent.
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  2. Yeah you can call anything an artform. Lots of performers curate art. Who is the artist? The museum curator because she put the collection together or the artists who created the work. The print designer who made the fabric, the seamstress that sewed it, the designer that imagined it or the model or who wears it? Sometimes both. I'd always argue Britney is both muse and a great vessel / interpreter for other people's art. Her vocal takes are pretty much done word by word are they not rather than choosing her best take of three? I am by no means taking anything away from the girl, I'm here for her but I'm just going on what I've been presented with over the years.
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  3. This would make sense if 2013-2014 Piece of Me wasn’t absolutely terrible despite being a new show at the time. I think it just depends on her mood.

    Anyway, she finally changed the opening outfit ddd
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  4. I thought she had mutilated this outfit so I’m pleasantly surprised.
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  5. Born to Make You Happy, Overprotected, Don’t Let Me Be the Last to Know, Lucky, My Prerogative, Hold it Against Me, a ITZ album track dug from the vaults and filled out with the hits and Glory/new stuff is great

    But I do hope that they at least do something new before going full on into a new residency. I would hope they don’t piggyback an album era on a residency again since that blew up but you never know with Team B. Plus, we’ve seen that Vegas doesn’t tie her down and hopefully they can manage to use her legacy while still presenting her as a current artist

    Ideally: do some wildly different collaborations to hold over and stay in listeners mind, work on totally new show, release cohesive album campaign where side projects like perfume still have to do with music, continue slaying
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  6. She brought Adrien Galo out for Freakshow:

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  7. Since others are weighing in (and I'm bored at work), some thoughts on musical content for a new residency. I don't think any of this is groundbreaking...

    Having just seen her in London with some casual fans, one of the main takeaways in talking to them afterward is that a lot of non-stans tend to underestimate the number of Britney songs they have enjoyed over the years. Many show up expecting to hear "Toxic" but I was really surprised at how excited the crowd got at lesser-known singles like "If U Seek Amy" and "Do Something." And with the latter example and even for a non-single like "Freakshow," if you stage something in an interesting and exciting way (e.g., whip a male stranger and butcher his name or do some cool furniture rearranging with chairs), the crowd will go along with it even if they don't love or even know the song.

    That being said, I suspect a lot of people would have walked out of O2 scratching their heads if they didn't hear "...Baby One More Time." So it does seem like she has a few staples she (for better or worse) has to perform. Although at some point, the audience is going to need to accept that her catalog has just grown to the point she can't be expected to perform every hit (Madonna comes to mind; my favorite Madonna song and a massive hit for her was "Material Girl" but I think she's only performed that once in the last four tours? They get around this by changing up the set-list substantially when they tour; that song is now over 30 years old so a huge chunk of the audience doesn't even want to hear it) I think most audiences will understand that they are going to hear "Baby" and probably "Slave" but they might not hear "Oops" or "Stronger," right?

    Still, having seen her a couple times in Vegas though, I was struck by how many fans I met at the concert who had traveled to Vegas specifically to see Britney. So I think a sizable (majority? maybe not) segment of the audience every night is die-hard fans. So including one or two deep cuts from older albums or introducing new music (I like the idea of a 3-4 track EP release to coincide with ticket sales to spur interest and promotion - especially since it would take the pressure off to do a full-press album promotional tour) goes a long way towards keeping us happy. And I agree with those who have observed that she seems to genuinely enjoy dancing to the newer stuff.

    So, all that considered, it seems like a recipe for success might be a healthy mix of essential staples (Baby, Toxic), lesser knowns (Crazy, I Wanna Go), deep cuts (Toy Soldier, Unusual You), and new music.

    The nice thing about a residency is they can tinker with the content of the show based on crowd reaction after a few weeks (which we know she will not hesitate to do).

    It does seem like Team Britney has a major decision to make with this next show though: lean into the legacy act routine and double down on the greatest hits or embrace her as an evolving artist and showcase different and new stuff? I personally would prefer the latter (I'm guessing a lot of you agree with me) but I suspect the best we can hope for is some mix of the two.
  8. I was sat by two girls that stood up and danced to songs they knew and sat down to the ones they didn’t and they bopped hard to Do Something and If You Seek Amy I was shocked.
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  9. Here for her swapping the Missy medley for a Janet one.
  10. Here for her swapping the Missy medley for a Britney one!
  11. Here for swapping the missy medley to anything really, never been a fave of mine
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  12. Oh really? My bad! I just want her to have fun and live her life!!!!!
  13. I love this outfit and Im glad she brought it back, especially since she only wore it once in Vegas. Gaga is also in Paris currently I wonder if she’s attending any of the shows, would be cool for them to have another pic together where they don’t look like Drag Race contestants.
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  14. Good luck. I'm kidding. Kinda.
  15. I love that costume.
  16. UGh I love @push the button for getting an actual thought provoking conversation going in here. My only caveat about it is that I think Britney more than just a performer - she's said multiple times how the creative process for an album is one of her favorite things, and everyone who's worked with her on Glory noted how underrated of a songwriter she is. I don't think she's the tourtured artist stans are convinced about, but I definitely think she was suppressed creatively a bit for her last two albums (I think she even mentioned it on some late night show?). Femme Fatale and Britney Jean certainly did not have her heart (or voice) in them, but we saw how much she loved Glory and it turned out to be a career highlight.

    Still, such an interesting comparison. More of that y'all!
  17. Did they paint her abs?
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