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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

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  1. The sheer thought that has gone into this carefully crafted and specially selected piece of monthly art is astounding.

    Couldn’t they have at least put a new outtake from the Prerogative shoot in there.
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  2. Dddd they couldn't even be bothered to do a new shoot for an official calendar. Team Britney never fail to surprise me with their laziness.
  3. They could’ve done chronological shots for the love of god.
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  4. Could this be new music? I don’t know if y’all remember this guy, but he’s reliable and revealed Glory’s release date, as well as its track list, among other things.
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  5. I remember him. But I think it might be about the new residency.
  6. LOL
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  8. Give us tea
  9. I feel like Kylie's the only big pop girl who does a new shoot for a calendar (and puts one out every year). I can't imagine they make much money. I believe Britney now uses the same branding company (and management co as well) as Madonna so we'll probably get more calendars like hers.
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  10. I'm listening to ...Baby One More Time on shuffle, starting with the Born To Make You Happy (Remix/Demo) (which I slightly prefer over the album version) and it really was a perfect debut for her
  11. I have none sis
  12. Then let’s not slander those who do!!
  13. If they were going to do a greatest hits type calendar, it could have been so much better.

    This isn't bad but feels so random.
  14. 20 Years of Spears and that's what they came up with?

    I really hope she gets a break this month.
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  15. Why would he though? Who is he? Also him posting a link to his Instagram an hour after that tweet is thirsty as fuck.
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  16. She never has. All of her calendars in the past were made up of images that were taken for other things.
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  17. Aren't they all? I used to buy Madonna calendars (I know) and they were all made up of shots taken for other projects.
  18. Idk I was joking lol.
  19. Ha, I can certainly understand your opinion and I know I'm in the minority on this. It's a strange track. The production is a bit out there and yet completely mismatched to the song's lyrical content. And she just goes totally bonkers on the outro.

    I know it's not an earworm or definitely not Record of the Year but it just clicks for me. And I would much rather an album where her personality comes through on the songs even if half of them misfire versus another Britney Jean.
  20. I actually love Mmm Papi as well, it's so much fun. And I don't think (or at least I hope) ya'll need to worry about another Britney Jean, she proved she can be amazing in the 2010s with Glory.
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