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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

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  1. This is basically Britney's career thesis at the moment, so...
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  2. Yup. The new Vegas residency is being announced real soon.
  3. Gosh, they don't waste any time.
  4. Hopefully they don't try to rush an album alongside it this time.
  5. Ready for Piece of Me 2: Reloaded, Remixed & Reimagined Re-Up.
  6. I will be buying that calendar. My bedroom still currently contains Britney calendars from 2001-2005. I can’t part with them and I’m excited to add a new one to the collection. Also, I too love Britney when she’s at her weirdest musically. “How I Roll” is a great experiemental track with catchy hooks. “Mmm Papi” isn’t my fave but I appreciate the effort “Mannaquin” is more of the odd direction I would prefer.
  7. ...and Reek-of-Alcohol.
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  8. And some people still think she’s starting in December 2019 dddd
  9. I just hope the new residency will be completely different to Piece of Me... like, it has to be.
  10. I need them to get rid of everything... but they won't. I mean, they brought back the freakin' guitar from Femme Fatale. I have a feeling we'll be seeing the reuse of many props (the bars from 3 / Come Over, the Circus ring of fire, possibly the Everytime wings, etc.) and probably a few very similar routines. Heck, I wouldn't be shocked if they brought the guitar back for a third show and reused the tree.
  11. I think it will be brand-new.
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  12. Yeah I hope so, I just can’t see there being enough time to build a totally fresh show, rehearse it and everything. We know Britney will probably want a huge break after this tour before she starts anything else. Enigma also looks like it will be fantastic so Britney and her team really have to step it up
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  13. I think it will be relatively new only because the show will be at a new venue.
  14. I am actually sure they bring new stuff but at the same time with Team Britney nobody’s would surprised if the new show contains 50 percent of Piece of Me. Or 80.

    If hope they realize what she can and cannot do and build a proper show around her.
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  15. I have no doubt the new show will be fantastic just like Piece of Me 2.0 was when it launched in 2016.
  16. I think it's still a ways off. Gaga announced hers august last year and she's still preparing. She might start towards fall next year so that'll be a good break and time for rehearsals.
  17. It’s basically been confirmed she’s starting in February/March 2019, no?
  18. That may be Gagas schedule which had (at the time) legs of the Joanne tour left along with months of A Star Is Born promo. They also announced when she signed.

    Things will have already been in the works with the new Britney show and the contracts almost certainly a done deal. Plus do remember last time the show was announced in September and started in December.
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  19. I wouldn’t mind if they reused some props/set pieces/performances from way back though. Like the spinning platform or the human swing from Circus. It’s just a matter of fresh and creative they can make it (which isn’t always team Brit’s best suite)
    I think now that this will be her second residency and the first was a wild success, people will probably pay a bit more attention.

    Hopefully, it’s not any time soon. Let’s get a break and at least some collabs/promo single
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