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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

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  1. I'm sitting here stunned there are rumblings of a pending announcement here in early September with football season starting and no one has thought to scratch the itch. I hesitate to even say the dreaded two words.
  2. Sis, by opening night she had axed the second Gimme More chorus and 3 shows later she removed the Piece of Me chorus.
  3. She didn’t remove POM until the April 2014 shows and by then she added in two dance breaks
  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you
  5. She also scrapped these lil bits of super simple choreography.

  6. Yeah the album version is SO MUCH BETTER. I'm from the U.S., and I knew that one rather than the remix, but that might be because it's the version she did for the Live From Las Vegas DVD. Same with Boys
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  7. But we (technically) got that with Glory
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  8. I laughed so hard at this you can’t even imagine.
  9. We need another.
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  10. She also removed this epic piece of choreo too

  11. This story is so cute. Ocassionally engaging Queen.

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  12. Made up story.
  13. Ddd everyone knows Britney doesn't say anymore than ''Hi. Enjoy the show!'' so if you're going to make something up, at least make it vaguely plausible.
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  14. I don't disagree, I just...(I'm sorry I have a tendency to be too literal sometimes)
  15. Honestly, just releasing more music in some aspect would help. She’s in a place where she can collaborate with almost anyone and can do left field stuff without worrying about if it’ll flop. I want her to focus less on businessney and back to what made her famous in the first place- if you’re gonna release a fragrance then have it have something to do with new musical direction. Glory and Vegas brought back that motivated performer even if it’s just a hobby for her

    I say make that cute EP tied to a perfume, collab on more DJs/producers album tracks, do a soundtrack single, feature on a rap hook... that being the promo for the residency. Rihanna doesn’t make a video or promo for EVERY Collab.

    all while making an opus at her own pace and promo it when it’s ready. One thing for sure, give Karen Kwak a promotion
  16. Critic and fan favourite, other tours cant relate.

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  17. Why did 'My Baby' start playing in my head when I read that?
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  18. Well the exact details of it might be, but I've just been on the M&G photo site for Birmingham and she's doing that face for the next 5 photos taken after his so it's not entirely made up!
  19. Apparently the new residency starts on February 14, announcement late next month (probably after Formula 1).
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  20. Source?
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