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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

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  1. Ha ha I do it too but when I’m fake laughing.
  2. I am hoping for some news about B10. I know that I'm crazy for thinking her announcement will be related to a new album.

    A guy can wish..
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  3. ...should be PJ's motto.
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  4. ‘Okay that’s enough I’m scared’ ddd
  5. She looks gorgeous, even if I feel like Britney owns that exact same dress in about four different colours. Surely the timing is pointed on the part of her team - the October 18th announcement will take place almost 20 years to the day since '...Baby One More Time' was released. I'll eat my (really cool, very interesting, kind of urban) hat if the residency isn't called 'Britney: One More Time' and some of the press has to do with reminding the general public of that anniversary.

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  6. Piece of Me tour was essentially the Glory tour
    Had she not cut Slumber Party out it would have been 6 Glory songs.
    Make Me
    Do You Wanna Come Over
    If Im dancing interlude
    Change Your Mind.

    Circus didn’t even get more than 4 songs on Circus Tour
  7. She served an In The Zone era tea with that Ellen appearance, if people think she was awkward then you really have seen nothing
  8. She was actually moving with rhythm for a few seconds. I bet she's "scared".
  9. Twitch was actually dancing while Britney moved her arms for a few seconds before walking off. Not the past decade summarized in a few seconds.
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  10. 20181013_074434.jpg

    Also, I was fine with only 4 Circus songs on that Tour. Gimme more Blackout songs (no pun intended) like Toy Soldier and Perfect Lover!!
  11. I played Oops! the album in the car yesterday, and I got to thinking how underrated it is. I hardly see it brought up anywhere as one of her best, and it is to me. Nostalgic, full of bops, almost a time capsule for Y2K pop.
  12. It's pretty much a perfect teen-pop album. Oops!, Stronger, Lucky, What U See (Is What U Get), Can't Make You Love Me, Don't Go Knockin', Don't Let Me Be The Last to Know... the bops jumped out.
  13. It's a very good and cohesive album, There are only 2-3 songs on it that I don't like. Like you said, it's very teen-pop and has a definite early 2000's sound, so that's probably why I only rank it somewhere in the middle.
  14. Oops I Did It Again (and Millenium) are the perfect teen pop time capsules.
  15. What if her annuncement is that she'll be in the Grand Prix that weekend?
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  16. That would be ridiculous even for her.

    ...So yea, probably.
  17. It was announced months ago...
  18. I can totally see her saying something like "The announcement of my announcement is actually a reminder. Don't forget I'll be in the Grand Prix this weekend! See you there.
  19. There's really no question that it's gonna be the Vegas announcement. Even before she said the date herself, someone mentioned the announcement coming on the 18th with an event on the strip. I wouldn't be surprised if the announcement was Thursday & the Pitbull collab dropped Friday.
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  20. Does it count as an announcement if everyone knows it already? Or do you mean be in the Grand Prix as a driver? That would be an unexpected career choice.
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