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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

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  1. It does seem quite steep. How much were POM pit tickets?
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  2. That’s what they were for Piece of Me. And with the $270 ones you get early entry. You can get regular GA for just $150
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  3. I trust NappyTabs but I'm a bit scared of Britney seeing the choreography and going lol no like she did with Brian Friedman. I just need her to be willing to work.
  4. Wait.. wait. This actually sounds... like a potential bop?
  5. Brian’s pitch choreography sucked for Femme Fatale, so I totally get why she’d laugh in his face and say no
  6. Interesting song choice.

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  7. She's always been an FS/LS stan! Taste.
  8. Flop song choice
  9. 'She still wants him!!!11'
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  10. The Hold It Against Me original choreography was just not Britney at all and I have no idea why he thought that Britney would be able to pull that off.
  11. Yes! They better bring it!

  12. I really like the main pic on the left. Good capture! I love her expression.
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  13. It was very 2003 Britney, she did some pretty complicated and fast choreography for Onyx. But it clearly wasn't 2003 anymore.
  14. Creative team that posts screen-grab photos with black border?

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  15. Any dancer/choreographer should be able to assess Britney's dancing ability from 2004 to 2011. It clearly wasn't the same. Did Onyx have complicated choreography? I know it had more fast and fluid movements, but never complicated. I can only remember Toxic, Overprotected and Me Against the Music being the more harder choreography, but rest were fairly standard.

    The dance bits they did take were Britney (minus the sitting on a chair brrakdown). If you see the original choreography with the breakdown bit, it is not Britney at all.

  16. Okay but I had almost forgotten how the production of "Hold It Against Me" goes off. The breakdown, the kicks before the final chorus, the final chorus. Phew.
  17. She’s in a much better headspace IMO. I mean just from rehearsal videos alone where we’ve gotten two in the last two months and basically no rehearsal videos from FF bar I am the femme fatale
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  18. And fan account tags nn
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  19. I still love Popjustice review of it, describing the chainsaw type tune.
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