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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

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  1. And just like that, @RJF will be there to drag the forum in one comment for it's cyclical nature. I get it. I'm just commenting that I think it's a waste of our time, as I'm now obviously participating in said nature.
    Obviously if you look at my replies, my main issue has been with negative feelings towards her doing her own hair and make-up, and nothing has been said about her body, so I'm not sure where that is coming from?

    I've never told anyone they aren't entitled to their opinion or that they can't disagree with me. At the end of the day, just like you, I'm entitled to my opinions about her work, no matter how unpopular they may be, which is why this is a discussion. Or at least it's supposed to be. I've never been patting myself on the back for delusionally stanning a fave, on the contrary I've just said that I'm content with the Britney Spears we have post 2011, I think it would benefit stans to lower their expectations and I don't think POM 2.0 is as big of a disaster as everyone seems to make it out to be. I mean it toured the world and has been an entertaining show, one-note costumes and all.

    I get that the one-note costumes consensus here is that you want change. And all I've said is that I hope those expectations for change are realistic, because we all know that the meltdowns here over expectations for change are legendary. And we all know that her team is great at giving fans what they want..dddd.
  2. Britney can sellout venues that have more than 200 people and her last project sold more than 3 1/2 copies so no.
  3. There are a lot more differences than that dddd. I don't understand how they'd ever be considered comparable.
  4. Is this meant to be a joke?

    I am not even going to argue on this, I will say no and why even bring Nadine into this?
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  5. Are you high?
  6. Comeback Corner isn't about success though.

    It's about artists who are currently inactive or not releasing new material.
    And since y'all can't help but discuss Britney as though she's been in retirement for 15 years now based on the constant cyclical conversations, it'd be a fitting ki.

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  7. I'm assuming you have Sanctuary on ignore as my reply was a quote reply to that user randomly wishing Britney's thread was moved to the Comeback Corner just like Nadine's.
  8. Go troll elsewhere
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  9. Sis, I have defended Britney's knees and chart positions for far too long through various identities in this pink hellmouth for you to bring leftover hostility my way just cause my conservative estimates for A Star Is Born's streams had you fuming.

    Learn a thing about multi-post punchlines and sophisticated humor. Thank you.

  10. "It just didn't work."
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  11. The new generation gets it.

  12. YES! These and her BBMA performance outfits were perfect.
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  13. Reminder that it's the 23rd October and that means that ...Baby One More Time is officially 20 years old.

  14. Starting to think we're not getting more that the Pitbull's collab this year.
  15. When's Apple Pie coming?
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  17. Keep it
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  18. I mean, I'll take it at this point. At least then we could argue about a new song.
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  19. Eat it.
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  20. Not answering to b**ches who haven't clearly read all of the messages in this post. I think I feel So Free time with you sounds really good.
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