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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

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  1. Now y’all want to entertain the idea of Britney actually showing up at Maroon 5 superbowl as a special guest? Christ...

    Britney doing the superbowl at this stage in her career is not going to do her any favours, especially not with all the controversy surrounding the NFL at the moment.
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  2. There’s always the NBA Finals or national anthem (just ask Fergie)
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  3. I kinda agree with this. It wasn't the biggest hit but it was EXACTLY what she needed in 2016. It's such a strong pop song. Perfectly on trend while still being Britney to its core. It really deserved to be huge & I'll forever be pressed about the video mess.

    That whole disaster is where I completely lost hope nn. If Britney wasn't comfortable with the video then it is what it is, but it could've been such a huge moment for her. I'll always be here for her music since she released one of her best albums last time around, but I'm done thinking that she can compete with the other pop girls. It's totally fine since it's not something she really wants, but still disappointing.
  4. I didn’t mean NEVER but most likely it’s done. We’re in a different era of music now. An older act hasn’t been able to get a hit in years and years. Those days are over.
  5. Stream:

    the 100m mark is down from 11/01/19 to 03/01/19
    let's make it this year
  6. It's a few days early, but I'm kinda bored and I feel like this would be a nice topic of discussion: In The Zone, quite possibly my personal number one Britney album, turns 15 on the 12th of this month.
  7. One of my earliest musical memories is being about six and being taken to some "trendy" punk record shop in Greenwich in London by my dad whose a real "real music" kinda guy and also lowkey a metal head and walking right up to the guy and asking if he had any Britney, he then guided me to a copy of "In The Zone". I think that's when my dad knew I was gay. I also bought an ABBA LP and a Sugababes single from a charity shop that day. Pocket money well spent.

  8. Forgot about this GEM of a video
  9. Rem


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  10. In the Zone has always been my favourite Britney album. I still get my life to it several times a week. And speaking of childhood memories, I remember always being so embarrassed when my mum would be around and hear Britney say "sex drive" in Outrageous

    (Also her best album cover teebs)
  11. Same In the Zone is a classic. I used to listen to Outrageous and Boys on my CD player so my parents wouldn't hear the more sexual lyrics.
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  12. In The Zone is definitely her best. So many terrific songs, and there's really no bad song on it. Even the weakest one (Brave New Girl) is still nice.

  13. This show is garbage but for once she's "defending" her and she doesn't mention her mental state.
    Skip at 12:13
  14. Wendy actually speaking facts? 2018 really is wild.
  15. In Newcastle, by far my favourite tip jar I have ever seen

  16. [​IMG]
    If I had kept watching this any longer it would have ruined the song for me forever.
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  17. Sorry I've been gone for a few weeks doing election stuff. I hadn't heard this "extended" bit on end before. Am I just behind? Has anyone figured out what she's saying? Is it weird I want to hear this song?

  18. Is stealing a tip jar unethical if you leave the tips?
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  19. Strictly musically speaking Slave had one if the best instrumentals in music period. It will still sound fresh in 3018 and is the Neptunes’ Magnum Opus.
  20. I strongly agree. Slave is one of her best leads, but if we're gonna rank all of them, I think it should be like this imo :

    Gimme More >>> Slave >>> Womanizer >>>>>>>> BOMT=Oops >>>>> Make Me >>>>>>>>> Hold it Against Me >>> Work B**ch >>> Me Against The Music
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