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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Awww that's always nice to hear. Has she spoken with Brit lately?
  2. Fe truly is lovely, gonna have to go hunt her down now I know she's in town! She actually told me years ago when I met her in Vegas how much she and Britney liked exploring Manchester.
  3. Haha, I didn't ask as I thought it may be a sensitive issue with the things that are potentially going on. Believe me, I was tempted though.

    She really is, she was just there at the stage door as I walked past and I backtracked after clocking on that it was her. Such a funny thing, thinking of her and Brit both out and about in Manchester.
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  4. Oh my goodness!
  5. WHAT

    Oh my god, I'm running to the theatre now
  6. Perfume just came on shuffle and I don't care what anyone says, it's a great song. It's also one of the rare moments on that thing she released where she's singing the entire thing.
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  7. I don't think Perfume is a great song (that chorus is pretty clunky), but I do think Britney sounds great on it. Her vocals are just lovely.
  8. Perfumes cute. Its not a career highlight by any stretch but its not bottom of the barrel either. However, this:

    So I
    I wait for you to call
    And I try to act nat-ral

    is one of the clumsiest rhyming efforts I've heard. Still, I wish it would have been at least a modest hit because clumsy lyrics aside, I do think it was a solid enough single. But it should have been a 3rd single after two smashes. A 2nd single with no promo after a first single that underwhelmed spelled out disaster from the start.
  9. They should have released the Dreamix mix instead, it had much more character. It's not like the parent album was packed with single-worthy songs, but Work Bitch / Til It's Gone/ Perfume / Alien (new single mix) would have been a cute run.
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  10. To this day I still can’t hear Britney on ‘Til It’s Gone at all. Never gotten the love for that song.
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  11. There is no Britney on that song ddddd
  12. Bless Xtina for not telling Andy to fuck off
  13. How many times has Andy Cohen asked Xtina about Britney now in interviews (why does he interview her so often?)? He definitely tries to see if she’ll say something shady but she never takes the bait, which I’m glad to see.
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  14. Til It’s Gone is Myah’s best song
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  15. I like 'Perfume' but the "mark my territory" lyric isn't great.
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  16. Do you know what her role is? Like shes helping with production in what capacity?
  17. He interviews her often because she likes him. They've been friendly for years. So when she's on a press tour her people book interviews with him. The last time she was on his radio show she told him she wanted to reconnect with Britney (something she mentioned often during Liberation promo), so he followed up on it. He likes Britney. He's made that clear many times. Asking "what do you think when read all this stuff?" and "Her boyfriend is hot" is not worth telling someone to fuck off over.

  18. It has been six years since this:


    Time goes by so quickly, huh?
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  19. The production of the bridge was its only saving grace
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