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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

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  1. Happy National Britney Day everyone! How do you plan to show your B- Spearit?
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  2. Circus vinyl is out on Urban Outfitters!

    Had my order of Blackout marbled vinyl canceled this morning because of lack of inventory. LIVID.
  3. Points were made:

  4. Queen of arching her back (Touch Of My Hand teas with the arch/back reference).

    It’s so upsetting to hear her say she has self-esteem problems.
  5. I’m really happy that she’s finding peace in exercising and just staying active. It seems like she really working on taking care of herself which is great because she fucking well deserves to feel the best she can.

    Random but how have I only just noticed that her southern drawl has gone from her speaking voice?!
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  6. As upsetting as it is to see some of these captions I would take it as a huge positive. It's lovely to see her being able to take that time to look inwards and focus on herself. Her referring to herself as a goddess the other day made me smile ear to ear, she deserves the world.

    That last insta though! I'd love me a Gingerney era.
  7. So I was posting on a reddit forum about worst singers and someone put Britney, and I was defending her

    I'm in the right to believe that half if not most of her songs are her, no autotune.
    Like obviously songs like, '3' 'Hold It Against Me' and 'It Should Be Easy' (god that song) are autotuned and processed more so.

    But the entire album of Blackout (for example) and many of the rest are her. Like some notes here and there they use a little help to achieve it. (Vocoder use, sure)
    But with her singing, she's got background vocals and Background singers helping to get that fuller studio sound on her tracks.

    Just curious if anyone agrees or disagrees. Love to get opinions.
  8. I was always under the impression that pitch correction is used everywhere, and not only in pop music, but in a way that makes it unnoticeable to the common folk.
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  9. Her speakingvoice these days is giving me Bart Simpson
  10. Her speaking voice has always been kind of a mystery with its frequent changes.

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  11. I think people mostly criticize her technique and to be honest her technique is quite weird. It's a little bit like Shakira's in the way that she switches voices (baby voice, deep voice and so on) instead of smoothing out her timbre between registers. This approach makes it more difficult for her to sing live because her scale is kind of chopped into these voices. That being said, she has a lovely and very good head voice which she could definitely use more.
  12. I love recreating this whenever I'm in the early stages of getting a cold!
  13. Me watching a George Michael thread show up on the main forum every week while this thread has been sitting here.
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  14. Michael Jackson’s thread is still in there which is even worse.
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  15. [​IMG]
  16. Clearly, someone wanted to ruin the Britney thread for whatever reason and they were successful. This thread is 10 times less active than it was on the main forum.
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  17. Maybe because when I come here now its just people complaining about Comeback Corner.
  18. Which wouldn't happen if the thread of an active popstar wasn't in Comeback Corner. It actively hinders conversation.
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