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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

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  1. This is really tacky and sad. Brit fans need to back off.
  2. Well I wasn't expecting that logging in this morning. I was always afraid of what would happen when SP and JJ were old enough to be out there on social media of their own....Pretty shocked when he verbatim said that Jamie is a pretty big dick and that he can go die (on the bright side he said Lynn is the best grandma in the world). It's just really sad because I'm sure Brit didn't want all that stuff out in the open (again).
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  3. God damn, really sad stuff.

    I’m sure other people have expressed as much, but it’s so fucking annoying the comments and responses she gets on her social media. I’m tired of 32 year old white girls insinuating she’s insane or whatever just because she’s goofy on Instagram. It’s like yeah, I get “it” on paper, that isn’t how we’re conditioned to accept big celebrities acting, but it’s just so ugly and unnecessary to me.

    Ah well, what an unfortunate mess that sadly still swirls around her. I hope she’s happy and I hope we get at least one more record that is of her creation.
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  4. I just really hope that she’s okay.
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  5. I feel so uneasy about all of this.
  6. Same, and I feel uncomfortable commenting about things a 13 year old said on his live video, but it all just sounds really sad and I really hope Britney is okay.
  7. This is incredibly scary, I don't know what to say.
  8. He’s not really said anything we didn’t already know, we knew about his issues with Jamie.

    Fans really shouldn’t be questioning him on these live videos, but at the same time he shouldn’t be using his mum’s fame and current issues for clout “I’ll tell more if I get more followers”
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  9. I'm a bit shook that fan theories about her sons wanting to get her out of the conservatorship, too, once they get older... came out true.

    But Jayden and Sean really should not be on social media. They still have a lot of growing up to do away from it and it'd be extra difficult being children of a celebrity. Someone really should have given them "the talk" about it.
  10. No he shouldn’t be, but he’s a minor and pretty naive.

    Just a sad situation all round and to such a nice girl as well.
  11. Well, he's only 13 and that's exactly what kids his age do - they promise things for likes, followers and subscribers in order to grow their channels or whatever. Pretty sure I was like this myself.
    What's the point of all this? The whole conservatorship situation is messy enough, why make it even messier by involving her kids?
  12. I don't even know what to say. This is all wrong on so many levels... Also his Instagram has already been shut down.
  13. I get her sons must be frustrated with the situation, but I don't think doing live videos on it was a good move.

    I just hope all get sorted, everything seems so shady with the conservatorship.
  14. Well I didn't know anything about her son doing an IG live and now I really wish I still didn't know. The whole matter is so bleak and desperately sad. As a fan you just want the best for her and want to help her but there's so many things we still don't know (not that it's any of our business anyway) that all you can do is hope for the best.
    Last week I think I just accepted that Britney will probably not have another music era. I would love to be proven wrong, of course. But if Glory and the PoM world tour were her swansong then so be it.
  15. Stans embarrassing themselves yet again, but what's new?

    Adults intentionally going out of their way to interact with a 13 year old they do not know online is weird anyway, but asking questions like this knowing they're talking to a child and supporting the clout-baiting behaviour in the hope that more details will get shared eventually is just gross, and quite manipulative considering the child's age and probable naivety. It's really inappropriate that it was recorded and shared across social media by adults who should know better too. We really are at the bottom of the barrel right now.

    It's also quite remarkable that for the longest time these kind of stans have argued how much Britney's children deserve their privacy, but as soon as the opportunity presents itself they're first to insert themselves for the sake of ~tea~.
  16. I don't think that's why he went on live. He's 13-years-old. I think he was just having fun on social media and got bombarded. I doubt a kid his age understands the magnitude of the situation or his discussing it so cavalierly. It's gross that grown fans took advantage.
  17. This is despicable. He's 13!! Of course he's going to be interested in social media, make mistakes..etc Baiting and harassing a child like this should be illegal! This is just so messy and sad.

    Queer "fans" bullying him for using "gay" derogatorily to describe Jaime are just as bad as the bullies that picked on them as kids! Like, he's a kid and could have picked that up anywhere from his celebrity rehab father, middle school culture, music lyrics..etc. Just like any child he needs time to mature, learn and grow. Harassing him about it online is just beyond gross.
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  18. Someboy

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    I want them on Insta (comments shut off) for the iconic throwbacks of crying while Britney was performing on Good Morning America and posting screenshots of the ‘3’ video with a caption like “Really, mom?”

    This is definitely NOT what I had in mind.
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  19. The kid actually got "come to Brazil!" in his comments via the live. FFS....
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  20. Wait what?
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