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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

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  1. RMK


    Work Bitch is fun and definitely has a lot of plays, but I've never listened to it and thought "Wow, this is a quality Britney". You know?

    Like, it serves its purpose.
  2. I still think Work Bitch is one of Britney's best, regardless of how much/little she sings on it. It's very of its time, but I couldn't have asked for a better, more aggressive, ambitious, exciting bop in 2013.
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  3. I will forever stan this little song. It's honestly one of my favorite Britney deep cuts, and of the only songs on the record that feels somewhat "personal".
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  4. Big Fat Bass should’ve been the fourth single and would’ve continued the Femme Fatale era’s streak.
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  5. RMK


    I don't know if it would've done that much better than Criminal. Drop Dead (Beautiful) or Seal It With A Kiss would've been my picks.

    But also, Criminal out-streamed the lead thanks to Tik Tok so.. I guess they made the right choice?
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  6. Dancing to “Freedom” seems very appropriate since her court date was tomorrow. But apparently it has been moved to August 22 due to Covid-19 keeping California courts closed only for emergency matters

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  7. Uptempo's generally perform better for her, so several of the remaining up tempos - Drop Dead Beautiful, Seal It With A Kiss, Up N Down, Big Fat Bass - would probably have done well. But Criminal is a good song and it got a good video and I would much rather it than Big Fat Bass.
  8. That ‘He Don’t Love Me’ song she was dancing too is exactly the sort of thing I’ve wanted her to do, pretty much since the lead up to Glory. Fits her to a T.
  9. I want a complete version of this:
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  10. I remember hearing about “Stronger” being part of the setlist at one point. They even had song related merch at the show

  11. Stronger would have fit perfectly after the thunderstorm segue. Ah well, at least we got it in Piece of Me.
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  12. In my spare time I like to watch the hundreds of Make Me fan video edits.

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  13. Stronger would’ve been a good addition because as spectacular as Circus was, the set list had very weird choices.
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  14. It was all Britney's choices. Who else would've put Boys on (not that I mind it).
  15. Yeah it was definitely Britney all over that setlist but that doesn't make it a good one. Coming back after 5 years and doing Breathe On Me and Touch of My Hand instead of any of her iconic early singles. Performing half of Blackout but not 2 singles. It was a mess. Her weakest and least crowd-pleasing setlist for me.
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  16. Her instagram is so wholesome. Now is the time to revive the pitched up snapchat 20 second covers!

    Truly the queen of the people.
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  17. Piece of Me, in its first run, had her greatest setlist ever. Baby, Crazy, Oops, Lucky, Stronger, Slave, the ever present Boys, the 3 In the Zone hits, all 3 Blackout singles, the 3 Circus hits, 2 of Femme Fatales hits. Plus Do Somethin and 3. It was jam packed. As the residency went on I would say the setlist remained great fun for stans, but Vegas residencies are really catered to more casual fans and I don't think removing iconic songs like Lucky and massive radio hits like I Wanna Go to do Touch of My Hand was a move I would have made.

    Boys inevitable spot on a setlist being the one constant in the world of Britney is so iconic now I don't want it to end. Would I trust a tour/residency Britney didn't force Boys onto? I don't think so.
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  18. I hate how much I still love Work Bitch even knowing that Britney is present for about .05% of it, but then I do have an occasional shame-bop to It Should Be A Fax Machine Noise from time to time so clearly my taste has left the building
  19. She’s spamming Instagram again... I just love how this most recent run of posts can surely leave no doubt that it’s Britney herself running the account. Queen is bored in isolation like all of us posting the random shit we’ve been doing or finding to keep us entertained. Her 8 or something posts of dance routines to the same song... and the -#nofilter one... I’m dying.
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  20. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    One of her best - that middle 8 is fire.
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