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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. It always bothered me how would critics say, "Britney's a puppet" when countless producers have attested to her genius instincts, determination, and drive.
  2. And we always hear how efficient she is in the studio. A lot of people can sing, but laying down solid, distinctive vocals for a pop song is a different talent in itself. I mean...

  3. Does Larry not manage Britney anymore?
  4. Britney isn't working. There's nothing to be managed. She's essentially at least temporarily retired from being a recording artist and performer.
  5. Oops was such an incredible moment in pop history. I remember all my friends talking about her, they all had school supplies with Britney stickers and backpacks. We would all anxiously tune in to MTV to see her perform and talk about her music and watch her videos. Everyone I knew loved the album, it literally became our soundtrack for elementary/ middle school. I still love playing it, it’s a delicious slice of pop heaven.

  6. MTV uploaded this iconic performance in its HD glory today!

    God damn, one of the best performances in TV history.
  7. Ddd, I feel like MTV constantly upload, unlist, delete these performances.
  8. I just went to search that Blender article because I've never seen it and it's priceless:
    I miss those days, Christina and her big mouth were everything
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  9. I could watch her dance all day...Interesting how this choreo was originally designed for the Boys music video rather than the Onyx Hotel performance.

    Good to have this part too finally, but I can see why they went with the chair for the live performances.
  10. I loved Britney being asked about it on TRL that time.

    "How do you respond to Christina, though?"
    "You know what, I don't wanna say anything about her. No no, she has an amazing voice and she's an amazing girl, but she just says things sometimes that are just kinda rude".

    Classy queen.
  11. She also performed this choreo on the Dream Within A Dream tour - see the final chorus here:

    Amazing moves in any event! The way we should execute choreography and make it look so impressive yet effortless really was second to none.
  12. Her captions are just so cute. And I always love hearing her talk about the music she likes.

  13. Oh, wow, this is news to me. That would have been cute.
  14. Channel Tres for B10 please!
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  15. Gave his latest single a listen and it’s dope!
  16. Her charisma was just insane.
  17. I still remember the day the Oops album was released, bringing my Walkman to school with me & counting down the minutes all day for the bell to ring at 3 o’clock. Then racing out the gate at the end of the school day, literally running the one mile trip to The Wherehouse to get my copy. Upon arriving, having to fight other tweens to get my hands on one because the store couldn’t restock the shelves quick enough with all the youths crowding into the store for it. Then searching for the nearest pay phone to tell my mom to wait an extra 40 minutes to pick me up so I could get a full listen in the parking lot because her car didn’t have a CD player & I couldn’t wait another hour to hear it. Then sitting in a flood of giddy tears when she got me because the album far surpassed all expectations I had; a collection chock full of songs as good (or better than) the first single, and far superior to her incredible debut collection.

    A perfect day.
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  18. What a read! I loved these passages:

    “When we signed her, we didn’t even know that she could dance. It was an epiphany when we saw the rough cut for the ‘…Hit Me Baby One More Time’ video. We were all floored,” says Barry Weiss, then Jive Records’ president. “That’s when the light bulb went off. It dawned on us that there was a little bit of Marilyn Monroe, thrown in with a dash of common-touch, Elvis Presley, middle-America appeal. That was what led to this explosion.”

    “She wasn’t just some puppet who showed up and sang,” says Jason Blume, who cowrote “Dear Diary” on Oops! alongside Britney, which became her first songwriting credit. “I actually said to her, ‘Wow, you can really sing,’ and she laughed and said, ‘Everyone says that,’” Blume adds. “What was so clear to me, and what separates someone and makes them a star, is that totally identifiable thing that you know in two seconds who you’re listening to. She wasn’t putting it on. She wasn’t manufacturing that unique sound. That’s just who she was.”

    “You have to be a genius of some sort to see what creative steps to walk in and what traps to avoid,” says Robert Jazayeri, who wasn’t on the Cheiron team, but coproduced “When Your Eyes Say It” off Oops! “She may not have had the voice that Christina Aguilera did, but she was more intuitive and trusting in her team and producers and ran them better than anyone else. It wasn’t a blind ‘take me there’ thing either. When she needed to, she’d speak out.”

    There was lots of new information in here too. I had no idea the album was recorded in just 13 days, or that the original snare from '...Baby One More Time' was sampled for 'Oops!...I Did It Again'. I know the songs are almost identical in melody and approach, but that makes for an even more brilliantly meta moment.

    I still think the quality of the 'Oops!...' album dips a little towards the end and something always brings me back to the album tracks on '...Baby', but there's no denying it was an incredible sophomore. My parents bought the album for me on release day and it was waiting for me when I got home from school. I had already played the 'Oops!...' single to death and as much as that song with its spoken word interlude and iconic video visuals are key Britney touchstones for the public, from the first listen of the full album it was all about 'Stronger' to me. Later when that video dropped, I couldn't believe how cool the aesthetic was. After the (delightful) saccharine of the 'Lucky' video, she suddenly transformed into an adult pop star. My memories of watching the Janet Jackson 'The Pleasure Principle'-esque dance routine with the chair and hearing the incredible Miguel Migs remix on the CD single for the first time are some of my most cherished from 20 (!) years ago.

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  19. Oh gosh, I’d forgotten that we didn’t get an Oops physical single in the US, and I was stuck listening to a cassette recording I’d ripped off the radio until the album came out. Dark times.
  20. "And that, dear reader, was the day I knew I was a faguette."
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