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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Her taste remains flawless and much cooler than mine. Also, girl, you're Britney Spears. Everyone fucking knows you. And you know it's not fake humility, she really does think that.
  2. It's so crazy to think that Oops went out 20 years ago... The epicness of these days

    The music videos...

    The promotion itself, the televised performances like the VMA one, she ate that ceremony and stole the attention in the same night Janet Jackson, *NSYNC, Christina Aguilera and Eminem also performed.
    Her first world tour which I can't share because of the media sharing limit here, the album tracks like Don't Go Knocking On My Door, What U See (Is What You Get), Can't Make You Love Me, When Your Eyes Say It, One Kiss From You, Where Are You Now damn, she really was on fire, all of this just to make her sit on top of the world while being an eighteen year old, a beautiful time to be alive
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  3. Does anyone know what song she's referring to in the caption? Are both videos feat the same song?
  4. So weird to think Oops turns 20, so many good memories of Britney in that era.
  5. The song is called Controller by Channel Tres

  6. Oh Britney i love you!
  7. Just read that the Oops album didn’t come out in the UK until the end of November 2000?! Is this true? I wonder why the 6 month delay.
  8. Looking at the Wikipedia entry that seems to be true. I have a vague memory of receiving it for Christmas that year too.
  9. Not true at all! It came out on 15 May, actually even earlier than its US release date (as UK new releases were on a Monday at the time).

    God, if they even dared to try and impose a six-month delay on me getting my hands on that album they wouldn't have known what hit them...!!! You can just imagine how ravenous I was for it, it literally could not have dropped soon enough.

    Plus, that awesome summer of 2000 would have been totally less amazing without all those anthems from Oops soundtracking the experience.
  10. Reevaluating my math after realizing my initial comment was based on the single release.
  11. THAT FIRE, I love seeing her reharsing and dancing like this, it was breathtaking, the expectation when a dancebreak was coming, I miss this, a lot. Watching the Hold It Agains Me reharsal it's a little sad, she didn't want to do that, that Femme Fatale era was (to me) was one of the worst after 2006/2007, at least the album was full of bops...
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  12. About the 20 anniversary of Oops!, I think it was the era that I started to be a fan, the Lucky video and the MTV making of (Same with Stronger), what a songs, I wish "Don't Go Knockin' On My Door" would have been released as a single, may be between Lucky and Stronger.
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  13. Ok, so that November date was bugging me. According to the Official Charts website, the album charted at #2 on May 27, so it would to have been released on the 22nd which was the week after the US release. I didn’t see any spikes in its position around November, so I’m wondering if that date might be a shipment date as opposed to release date. I love how they used an Amazon listing as it’s citation on Wikipedia when an actual, official website is RIGHT THERE.
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  14. I just watched the Stronger video again and it’s just incredible isn’t it. I feel like it underperformed a bit despite being such a great song and having such an amazing video. Definitely one of her best ever.
  15. The Official Charts website dates are really weird; back then the UK charts changed on Sunday, and sales up until close of play Saturday were included in Sunday's chart.

    "Oops!... I Did It Again" was released in the UK on 15 May 2000 in the UK, charting at #2 behind Whitney's Greatest Hits on Sunday 21 May 2000. The new chart wasn't released until Sunday 28 May 2000, so its technically accurate to say Britney was still at #2 on Saturday 27 May 2000, but it's misleading as it didn't enter the chart on that date, that is the last valid date it was at that chart position.

    I am presuming the website has an issue as we used to see charts as 21 May 2000 - 27 May 2000, which is accurate - I am guessing it's just been programmed to use the latter date, rather than the former.

    On 9 October 2000, the Special UK Edition was released, which reached #13 on that week's chart - Sunday 15 October 2000 through to Saturday 21 October 2000. No idea where the November date has come from. There were other re-releases across the globe, I believe the last of the era was the Australian edition with "Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know" single, but that was in March 2001.
  16. Absolutely. It has aged very well and it seems to be loved by the general public, even if it doesn't have the same status as '...Baby' or 'Toxic'. It was great to see 'Stronger' take its rightful place in the 'Piece Of Me' show, especially as part of the finale. The rush of hearing that opening distorted guitar sound after so many years!

    ET did a cute flashback piece for the anniversary of 'Oops!...':

  17. Watching the Oops! Tour Live In London special for the first time since I saw the tour in person 20 years ago, and upon looking for it, discovered press footage from my date (which happened to be my first ever concert) exists on the internet. A night I'll never forget.

  18. The Man on the Moon video should’ve been the sequel to the Oops! video.
  19. Ugh, they really don't make them like this anymore. A gorgeous slice of nineties/noughties pop that often gets overlooked in discussion of the behemoths that is Britney's discography.
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