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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. WAIT! When and Why the hell did Glory get a different cover for the standard edition?
  2. Because some fans rallied to get Glory number 1 on iTunes and Britney rewarded people with updating the standard Glory album cover.
  3. You can spot Joe Simpson in the front row at this show.

    I loved that she used prerecorded vocal tracks for the Oops! Tour but her live singing here sounds much better. The entire show is underrated and played out like a Janet Jackson concert for the TRL set. There is no dying down and she doesn’t get lost in the shuffle — I love it.
  4. Stronger really is just incredible isn't it.

    What amazes me is how fresh and powerful it still sounds when you listen to it today. It was obviously amazing and the perfect Britney track at the time, but somehow it has managed to escape sounding like just another throwback to the 00s teen pop era, and remains a complete force of nature which refuses to budge from any list of her best ever songs.

    Can you say legendary?
  5. Stronger is both very 2000 and completely timeless. What a god damn song.
  6. 2014

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    Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know is one of her most underrated singles. Her vocal is just gorgeous.
  7. I always just think it would have suited Shania much better
  8. Wait, was Shania going to record it?
  9. Not that I know of, but it was written by her and her former producer/husband Matt Lunge.
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  10. I love all the Oops! singles but Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know crept up on me more and more over time to being one of my favorite Britney songs. "I wanna feel the way you feel c'mon" is still a tiny bit cringe but in a sweet way.
  11. This scene made me gay...
  12. I’ve always loved the song but after witnessing that time they pitched Britney down for it, it’s all I can think about:
  13. Did they do this to make it sound "live"? Why not pre-record live vocals? :(
  14. For me was this scene and that other when he runs while his man boobs jumps, what a gorgeous man
  15. Finally gave my Oops! vinyl a spin & discovered the interlude at the end of When Your Eyes Say It isn't included - the others are. Sure I'm the last one to find this out, but it really caught me off guard.

    Also, grateful this underrated performance has been uploaded in decent quality (the 4K in the title is a complete lie; it's more 480p instead of the 240p we've been stuck with).

  16. She's pretty capable of singing this song. The pitching down of it on the Dream Within A Dream tour was laughable.
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  17. This pic is so cute! They could’ve used it as the cover for the remixes and b-sides vinyl


  18. That pic is cute, but it reminds me too much of Katy Perry's One of the Boys photoshoot.
  19. It’s a shame this performance took a backseat to the snake because it deserves just as much acclaim. Her live vocals at the start were really solid.

  20. This might just be my favourite Britney performance. I agree it's super underrated because it's as perfectly executed as the three iconic VMAs performances but seems to have become lost in the shuffle somewhere. The rock arrangement takes the song outside of its studio confines and gives it extra life on stage and with the additional spoken word section before the final chorus 'Stronger' somehow morphs from a cool slice of millennial teenpop into a sly homage to Janet's 'If'. The intensity and precision with which Britney hits that instrumental breakdown is extraordinary. I love the decision to foreground a slew of female performers in this too, including the blonde clone dancers who are all, literally, scalped and wigless by the end. The AMAs prefigured the release of 'I'm A Slave 4 U' by about 8 months and you can see Fearlessney starting to emerge. For this to be seen as one of the 'lesser' performances she gave in 2001 is a testament to her remarkable talent (and to the talent of her choreographers who created so many unique, one-time performances around this era, delivered by Britney with total commitment).

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