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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. For those who bought it

  2. I always thought it was strange that after the success of the stop remix of '(You Drive Me) Crazy' we'd still get the original album version of the track performed on tours. I think the album version sounds so pedestrian compared to the remix but I guess she/her team felt the original mix was just as good...
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  3. My Glory Deluxe Deluxe finally came! Playing Matches for the first time, I was kinda expecting it to go off more for the final Chorus but it isn't bad, I'd say .. 5/10 first play? Doesn't live up to Mood Ring & Swimming in the stars for me.
    Also, has anyone noticed what seems to be a dirty make up wipe included as a easter egg bonus in one of the shots!? So close to a perfect release! WhatsApp Image 2021-01-21 at 10.17.12.jpeg
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  4. It's a reflection of the car.
  5. Are we sure? I think she must have dabbed her sweaty brow. (I'll accept it's the car begrudgingly)
  6. I'm still not over the mangled car wreck photo, it's so bizarre yet totally works.

    I would have absolutely lost my mind if they'd used that shoot for the 2016 release, it's popstar perfection.
  7. Off topic, I made that 'Unreleased' artwork aaaages ago, happy to see it still being used around with leaks haha
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  8. We stan talent.
  9. And Then We Kiss just is the perfect track to run at the track on a dark rainy morning.
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  10. I got lost in a little YouTube spiral of Britney interviews from around 2016, and it's really fun to watch how excited she seemed about everything at the time. The interviews are a far cry from the Femme Fatale era sit-downs (which did serve some iconic 'she's so over it' moments ddd). Obviously everything is very structured with questions pre-approved, but she seemed genuinely happy to be talking about Glory and the revamped Vegas show at the time.

    Also... Mario Lopez should probably do all her interviews going forward. She's so fun and flirty whenever they chat, you can tell there's a level of comfort there that allows her to open up a bit more than she does with most random interviewers. He also seems able to tell when she isn't 100% comfortable with a question and moves on quickly rather than dwelling or prodding. I kind of doubt we'll see her do a traditional press tour again, but if she does it'd be nice of them to try to select people she actually wants to talk to. She's more than earned that.
  11. Actually, even her Britney Jean interviews were pretty solid. Those interviews were mostly in Femme Fatale and some of X Factor. Don't forget that the Britney Jean "promo" circuit at least gave us this iconic moment:

  12. I wasn't the kind of person to rush to the store for an album when I liked the lead single. I was like, ok, we'll see if I like the second and third single. And if that's the case I'll buy the album. So obvisouly I loved ...Baby One More Time. Sometimes was amazing as well. And Crazy was so good that I just had to buy the album. Oh boy, I was disappointed when I realized the Stop Remix wasn't on the album! I don't mind that version on tours though.
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  13. The immediate connection and chemistry between Britney and whoever is interviewing is always the determining factor as to whether or not an interview ‘sparkles’ so to speak. As someone who has anxiety, how chatty I am or how much I open up to someone really depends on how comfortable I feel with them. And if they can make me laugh( it always helps!

    Hence why you know it’s going well with Brit when she unleashes that hilarious, full on Britney belly laugh. These are a few of my favourite interviewers over recent years, or just bits where interviewers got her to unleash her goofy side...

    This interview from 2013 with Nick Grimshaw on Radio One is amazing! Nick gets her to play a game called Britney Literally Spears and it’s great! Highlights include: 3:23 Live vocals - always a winner, 3:49 She does an impression of her favourite animal and then can’t stop laughing,

    I adore the entirety of the Jonathan Ross interview... but getting Britney to play Spears Pong and encouraging her to unleash her competitive streak? We love to see it! Not to mention she looks absolutely sensational! Plus, Britney on helium is the most adorable thing you’ll see today.

    She clearly has no idea what or who Rylan is, but her reactions alone are iconic! Plus, she absolutely adores the snake teddy she gets, so that’s a win!
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  14. Is there a better scan out there of the original, unused debut album cover?

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  15. Britney's promo circuit for Femme Fatale was the worst. She seemed totally bored and uninterested throughout. X-Factor promo was pretty awkward as well. Thankfully things got better from 2013 onward.
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  16. [​IMG]
    Here's the Korean cover
  17. Looks like the NYT is releasing an exposé on the conservatorship on February 5th.

    (This is not meant to spark a discussion / comments about the conservatorship, but it is a big deal and should be posted)
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  18. This is going to be interesting. I hope there’s new information
  19. I recommend not to comment further so we don’t risk the thread getting closed, but I already requested the documentary get the go signal to be in the TV & Film section a few days ago.
  20. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    We won’t be making a separate thread for the series when it will be clearly dominated by Britney. Let’s refrain from posting updates or trailers for the moment, and we’ll make a final decision closer to release.

    Carry on with the business as usual here to earn yourselves a bit of good favor would be my advice.
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