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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. When you watch everything she’s been through back to back ... it makes my heart break.
  2. It's heartbreaking. I just finished it and I'm in a state of shock. I feel I need to gather my thoughts. I got so angry and then so sad... it's heartbreaking.
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  3. Fans on social media are doing too much about the rose thing ddd people are ruining the metaphor they added at the end, which I thought was beautiful and devastating.

    They showed that video of Britney presenting a flower, only to crush it and reveal it was just soap all along to convey one of the films’ main messages. As beautiful our idols may be, they can often reveal themselves to be breakable and “ordinary.” It tied in to the fans’ message that we looked up to Britney as children/teens, only to see she carries a lot of the same pain and flaws as we do. It’s a disillusionment story.
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  4. Just finished. That was the most well done and comprehensive look at her life I’ve ever seen. Still processing, but it does reaffirm so eloquently why those of us who love her care about her so much.
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  5. Does any know where I can watch this? Please & thank you.
  6. If anyone wants to watch the documentary, feel free to PM me... on my thoughts on the matter!

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  7. I'm on a Britney music video binge. Every single video is a classic.
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  8. Does anyone know if they're planning on airing the documentary in the UK?
  9. While it didn't shine a light on anything new fans and commenters like us weren't aware of already, I think it was a decent, fair and empathetic retrospective look at her career and personal life leading to this moment. It'll be essential viewing for anyone who wants to learn more about what's happening in a quick and concise way without jumping into Twitter threads and thousand-page long fan discussion.

    Three things seem to have stuck with me since watching it last night - the clip of the gameshow (Jeopardy?) which I hadn't seen before, but it highlighted just how awful the entertainment industry itself and the general public were towards her when she was at her most visible lowest point, and in the same respect the photographer telling her "we're concerned about you" while continuing to take her photo from the 2007/2008 clip. And, at the talent show when she was a child, the host asking if she had a boyfriend and when she says no he asks something like "Well, how about me?" (as a grown man, that's a weird thing to ask a child, even if it's intended to be innocent but I don't need to tell y'all that...) which felt like a reflection of the kind of inappropriate treatment and misogyny she would continue to face well into her career as a teenager and adult as shown throughout the film afterwards.
  10. They probably won’t since the documentary is part of a series produced by The NY Times for Hulu and none of the previous 5 episodes aired here.

    Your best bet is to find a link online.
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  11. I'll take it
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  12. Having lived through the 2007/08 times, it is unfathomable today that people would treat her as literal human garbage and openly joke (and even wish, in Perez Hilton's case) about her death. What made people think she is subhuman and her troubles are something to make fun of? How could people be so cruel? Why is this occurring to people now? How can anyone think someone else's life is a joke? What kind of sociopathic monster thinks being an asshole to someone in pain is fun just because they're a celebrity?
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  13. I just started watching and I am already crying. I honestly don't know, if I'll be able to watch this in one go. This whole situation is just so sad and frustrating to me and I feel completely helpless, which is only made worse by knowing that Britney herself is most likely even more helpless than we are concerning her own life basically! Watching Fe in her home with all those letters, certifications and her just beaming with pride and love for Brit... her saying "I didn't then nor do I now understand what a conservatorship is. Especially for somebody Britneys age and somebody capable of so much, that I know firsthand she's capable of" is all I need to hear regarding all of this.
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  14. There was an article talking about the documentary and it was giving some background information on it. They mentioned that on an episode of Family Feud, one of the categories was “Things Britney Spears Has Lost”, with some of the answers being “her hair” and “her husband”. I had no idea about it until now and literally...what the actual fuck.
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  15. Ok, we are in the Project Rose Era ladies
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  16. Just finished the documentary. It was a good watch, albeit sad and so frustrating.

    The clip from that gameshow is awful.

    Praying for the best outcome possible for Britney. Currently blasting my “It’s Britney Bitch” spotify playlist.
  17. I think I was 12 when Baby One More Time came out, and like a majority of us, we grew up alongside her idolizing her. And looking back through this documentary’s lens’s - the amount of sexualization/focus on her gender and rejection this girl has had throughout her career is really unjust.

    I vividly remember the fascination with her boob size in the Sometimes video (which they brought up on that interview segment) and her virginity. At my age now, I’m like what the hell does it matter?? But I remember my mom being like oh she’s a tart, this is too sexual for a child to watch.

    i, too, remember buying into the she’s crazy theory, however - now I can make an informed decision that she was only crazy due to her having her every move scrutinized- she really couldn’t do anything right for the critics. It kind of makes me think she more felt she was a caged lion in a circus and not the ring leader...

    I don’t know if it would have detracted from the overall message, but didn’t the media start playing her mental instability up when she got married in Vegas?

    it’s just really revolting that she’s not only paying for her legal counsel but also for the legal counsel of her conservator/ship.

    The whole Domination event now makes a lot of sense.
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  18. From what I recall, I saw that Family Feud clip from years ago and it was actually from a "parody show", not Family Feud itself.... which, of course, doesn't make it any better.

    The documentary is getting rave reviews, though

    Interview with the producer:

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  19. Nothing revelatory here for the average fan. But to relive the madness of the paparazzi years was heartbreaking.

    I'm not being hyperbolic by saying she's the Marilyn Monroe of our generation.
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  20. Seeing her be polite and vulnerable while those vultures were throwing themselves at her car and hounding her every move was heartbreaking. She's such a sweet, innocent person and didn't deserve any of this. I'm still so angry people treated her like a piece of meat just because she was a performer.
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