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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. I’m not a fan of Boys, but when I listen to it - it’s the Co-Ed remix. Much better.
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  2. Less than that!

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  3. Mr.Arroz

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    If y'all wanna hear JT get dragged via podcast re: his "apology", I got a good chuckle here. It begins @ 47:50. Also, the week before they discussed the documentary.
  4. Which episode is it? It just opens up the whole list of episodes for me.
  5. Everything about the M+M's shows fascinates me - the fact that she basically said fuck it and just up and did somethin.mp3 like that during one of the most tumultuous years of her life and arguably one of her peaks as a celebrity personality is incredibly bold.
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  6. Mr.Arroz

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    The most recent one which mentions "Justin Timberlake" in the first line of its description.
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  7. Not seeing the M+M’s Tour in person will forever remain one of my biggest life regrets.
  8. Swimming in the stars is so beautiful isn’t it? I miss her so much
  9. tea


    I'm A Conservatee For U.

  10. And we'll stay alive
    In seas of city lights
    Where you and I collide

    Her voice makes me want to cry on that part... OMG makes me emotional...
  11. This is an interesting watch. Access Hollywood did an hour-long deep dive into some of Britney's old interviews with them, watched through a post-"Framing Britney Spears" lens. They're joined by Liz Day who co-created the documentary (and of course appears in it heavily), and she spills some interesting tea about the research the team did in making it and what they found out.

  12. Is Oops! I Did It Again better than ...Baby One More Time? Based on the latest streaming data, the GP seems to think so!
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  13. It is, Oops! I Did It Again album was more polished and more varied with its sound. I can even forgive the interludes and Dear Diary.

    Edit: I think Oops! I Did It Again song is also better than Baby...One More Time as it just felt bigger. The statement of saying she did it again, wasn't a one hit wonder. The ad libs in the song are legendary.
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  14. Not sure if you mean album or song but yes to both.

    ...Baby has the utmost level of iconography and nostalgia working in its favor, but (in a vacuum) I’ve always found Oops! to be the bigger pop song. And the album is so much fun, the tracklist is 2/3rds superb and the interludes are camp fun.
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  15. I was referring to the songs in my post, but the Oops album is also out streaming! I think it’s a given critics will do revisits of Blackout and In The Zone, but something really out of the box would be to review the Oops! album seriously. It’s a pop opus.
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  16. I love the interludes on Oops. They are so silly and joyous. I wish she did interludes on more of her albums!
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  17. Oops! is the perfect encapsulation of the genius of Max Martin and late 90's/early 00's pop music.
  18. So the “Single Sex Remix” instead?

  19. This was a bit of an interesting read? I don’t necessarily agree with some points, but it does bring back the question if Britney was too young to be a sex icon or to be making all of those decisions with her image for consumption. The author also gives a bit of context in her own life.

    I did kind of roll my eyes at the “Britney was the Establishment!” bit, though I guess it was tongue in cheek. Not that it’s untrue (she was the ultimate popstar), but that kind of other-ing is part of what made people think it was okay to shit on her so much.

    The thing is a lot of times Britney herself said she liked being sexy and beautiful for herself, not for men, and it showed a lot in her videos and performances. Though I can see how that kind of thinking can be corrupted and taken advantage of by predators in the industry and in society. But, then again, a girl looking and feeling sexy is never an invitation for men to exploit or abuse women.
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  20. My only issue with Britney's image early on is that the people around her didn't protect her more. The fact that no one immediately cut off the questions about her virginity, breasts, etc. is what makes me furious at her team. Britney could wear or say whatever she wanted – that didn't mean her body and personal life were up for discussion. I think it's interesting and important how the doc framed Brit as rebelling even more post-BOMT, which is obvious to anyone paying attention. Her decision to cover Satisfaction with the line, "When I'm watching my TV and that girl comes on and tells me how tight my skirt should be, but she can't tell me who to be" speaks for itself. As does the accompanying performance where she showed up dressed how people ostensibly wanted her to be (covered head to toe) only to strip everything off and sing, 'Ou, I did it again!' I think what the doc touched on, but I'd love to see covered more in-depth in the future, is that Britney very much WAS in control of guiding her image... but that doesn't mean the people around her didn't fail to protect her or draw lines when it came to how the media spoke to/about her.
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