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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Britmas came early! What a treat. Two of her best unreleased songs are represented there too. I pray we one day get the same quality for 'State Of Grace' and 'Sippin' On'.

  2. Ummmmmmm the final version of Hooked On It (Sugarfall) is amazing?? it was already one of her best unreleased songs, but holy shit.
    I've never been a big fan of Pull Out, but it bangs in higher quality.
    Rockstar has always been one of my faves, I just love how scathing she is on it. I like that they didn't go down that route for songs for In The Zone, but low-key Justin deserved it.
    Hoping and praying for similar leaks of State Of Grace, Kiss You All Over, All That She Wants, Look Who's Talking Now, Sippin' On, Guilty, Ouch and Dramatic. Ddd that's a lot.
  3. “State of Grace” is out there in great quality

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  4. Oh! Oops ddd.
  5. Wow, what a surprising leak! I'm really, really hoping for a HQ version of Kiss Me/You All Over. It's probably my favourite of the Blackout leaked tracks.
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  6. Oh my god I could cry Hooked On You has always been one of my all time favorite unreleased tracks from her. Without a doubt it should've been on the album.
  7. So many traders are sitting on these lossless versions. I'm guessing they couldn't milk any more money from these so they've allowed them to be shared. Expect more to come.
  8. What an absolute treat, we love Britmas in April.
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  9. At least the bathing suit leotards were good for showing off that body.

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  10. Sugarfall is so, so gorgeous. Between this, Slumber Party, Early Mornin, Sippin' On, Why Should I Be Sad?, Make Me, we could put together a very top tier R&Bney playlist. Pity the locals don't know that side of her.
  11. Pre-recorded 'covid' performances that are essentially a few takes spliced together with a pre-rec, seem to a normalised lip-syncing again.

    It's a shame she or her team never took pre-recorded vocals seriously. 'Lip-syncing' is such a boring and avoidable criticism when the general public are so very easy to fool.
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  12. There's so many things they could have remedied with minimal effort. But then again, this is the team that allowed Britney Jean to happen.
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  13. (I don’t know if posting this will get me in trouble, but feel free to delete/whatever)

    From some fans’ digging through the accounting records from the conservatorship that are publicly available, it looks like her work strike in 2019 would earn the outsourced management company a grand total of only $300 in commissions. This is around the time she flat out refused to appear in person for that The Zone opening, which James’s team disgustingly used to imply certain things about her mental state some time last year.


    That group earned money from her elsewhere, but it most definitely has been a financial blow to certain people.

    Britney probably, when she casually decided to stop everyone’s bags until her conditions are met:

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  14. Wow so good.

    Is it too much to ask that these be made RSD Blackout extras?
  15. Can't get over how seductive and sexy Sugarfall is. Release it By Popular Demand, Queen.
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  17. This bit is what stood out of me

    I guess now, Vivian’s press tour spiel makes sense on Jamie doing well with Britney’s money. Legally, Britney may not have strong evidence against Jamie other than her testimony, which the court can apparently just waive away as a “family issue”. As some have suggested, there needs to be an institution that monitors if conservators are actually doing their jobs right. She also mentioned it’s highly unusual that her records are sealed, even for a celebrity.


    Louder for people in the (get) back!
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  18. Gimme More is now her second most streamed song on Spotify with a new peak. Gen Z-ers are finally turning around to this anthem.
  19. This didn't happen. Why can people not get even the simplest time lines correct? Britney was put under a conservatorship after she had lost custody of her children due to a judge finding her to be a habitual user of drugs and alcohol, locked herself in the bathroom with her son after her visitation was over, and was then placed on a psychiatric hold. All of this an entire year after she shaved her head.
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  20. This timeline is off as well. Britney lost custody in October 2007, then the incident in the bathroom which resulted in the first psychiatric hold was at the start of 2008. She was released from this hold the next day after being evaluated and deemed not a danger to herself or others. A second planned psychiatric hold happened a month later during which she was placed under the conservatorship, organised by Lou Taylor and Jamie Spears according to Lynne's book.
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