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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. I've always found the Coupure Electrique song so... fascinating??? The songwriter said she just came in one day and said she wanted to sing a song in French. And she's credited here as a co-writer. So, did she actually write the lyrics and they just translated it into French? Was she just involved in the melody? She admittedly isn't as articulate about the process so I wish they'd just have cameras in the studio for the making of her albums.

    She's dabbled in trip hop/downtempo before, but I'd love for her to explore this sound even more in the future.
  2. I’ve tried my absolute best to forget that entire “outfit”. Lord, that was a choice.

    Naturally that was the only outfit she never changed....
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  3. I have now finished my full listen of all of her albums and my Stan card is now laminated, dipped in platinum and coated in marble.

    Going to try and find a collection of her unreleased stuff now since I crave more Britney.
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  4. You're in for a treat, as some of her unreleased, demos and B sides are good.
  5. The Bombastic Love songstress did that!

    This is one of my favorite unreleased sings. The chorus gives me When Doves Cry vibes. Even if that's not your cup of tea, necessarily, she has so much great unreleased material to explore.
  6. Her ode to anal sex is a treat

  7. I've heard this one already and I had my suspicions it was about adventures in the back garden.
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  8. I can hear the illustrious Ms. Damita Jo on this one.
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  9. we also have this one:
    waist garment aside, one of her best looks in recent years.
  10. This may be a hot take, but when it comes to Britney, her unreleased material aren't really masterpieces compared to the actual released. But, there are some cute stuff on there:

    Going through Britney's discography, I really will defend her talents as a singer to death. I get why she isn't as respected in that regard because of the lip syncing, but her vocals are clearly competent in a more "controlled" environment in the studio. Not all pop girls can lay down a good vocal take even in the studio setting.
  11. Love Is A State of Grace is honestly a masterpiece. Also obsessed with Strangest Love.
  12. Britney has a lot of great leaked song over the years, but rarely is one of them actually better than what made the final albums. Strangest Love should have been an In the Zone bonus track though. The Answer is not a good song.
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  13. When I Say So and Am I Sinner are the only ones I would consider for inclusion on their parent album. And Sugarfall and State of Grace should have been finished as bonus material on Blackout.

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  14. State of Grace and Sugarfall are both great and I'd love them to end up on some sort of Rarities collection someday, but one of the things people praise so much about Blackout is how cohesive it is and I don't feel like either song really slots into the tracklist very well. Kiss You All Over would. But those two feel a bit too vibey (to use one of Britney's favorite words) to work on Blackout.
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  15. Yeah, as bonus tracks definitely.
  16. We need State of Grace (by Demand).
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  17. Yeah, honestly what makes Blackout such a "mysterious" piece of work is what critics described as its "black hole heart". It's unapologetically hedonistic all throughout. Anything that would lighten the tone might've taken away from it.
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  18. [​IMG]
  19. I am patiently waiting for "When I Say So", "Am I a Sinner", "She'll Never Be Me" and "State of Grace" to leak fully mastered and lossless format, as we got Sugarfall and Pull Out. All songs deserved at least a bonus/b-side treatment.
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