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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

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  2. I am patiently waiting for "When I Say So", "Am I a Sinner", "She'll Never Be Me" and "State of Grace" to leak fully mastered and lossless format, as we got Sugarfall and Pull Out. All songs deserved at least a bonus/b-side treatment.
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  3. When I Say So, She'll Never Be Me, Kiss You All Over and And then We Kissed are the only leaks that I think deserved album status over what we got instead. Others are great curiosities but usually nothing more.

    Whiplash and Look Who's Talking Now in their final, produced versions for Selena & BoA absolutely slap but I guess we can assume they would be just as great, if not better, had Brit done the same with them.
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  4. I’m not sure about the first two, but the third was a gift, wasn’t it and the last are... baggy jeans. This just reminded me that the Me Against the Music costume was so pretty, albeit unflattering, though.
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  5. People are bored.

    Anyway Amnesia and Quicksand deserved to be on the album honestly.
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  6. What's the scoop on Everyday?

    I know the fact it sounds like Beautiful must have caused it not to be on an album but it's really quite good.
  7. It would sound totally out of place on Femme Fatale so I get why it didn't make the album, but it's a beautiful song that really shows how amazing Britney's voice and lyricsim are. I like to think her sons have heard this and know its (probably) for them.
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  8. Oh yeah, I can see it being an odd one for the album, shame though. It's nice having songs like this to prove all her critics wrong when it comes to her vocals. She can deliver a really strong and emotive performance. She doesn't need huge vocals to get the message across.
  9. Pretty sure this was from the Circus sessions. In fact I think there may be a picture from the day she recorded this? In that red turtle neck she was so fond of in 2008.
  10. Yeah, Everyday is from Circus. Unbroken is the only unreleased song we have from Femme Fatale that has Brit’s vocals on it.
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  11. Although She'll Never Be Me and Am I Sinner would have fit great on Britney (and elevated it even further) I'm mostly sad about Strangest Love, And then We Kiss OG, State of Grace and Everyday never seeing the official light of day. Like many of you have said, Britney's midtempos are so underrated and she gives great vocal performances in each of them. In regards to the unreleased bops, they've mostly gotten it right over the years.
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  12. In that case, Everyday certainly should have replaced My Baby.
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  13. “Everyday” is... meh.
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  14. I like it but yeah too similar to Beautiful. I prefer Strangest Love over it.

  15. Some of these are a bit of a reach. Like.. what is she appropriating in the last one? (Those jeans are pretty awful tho, teebs)

    As a white person living in Japan it’s hard to navigate appropriation here as many native Japanese people are overjoyed to see foreigners (respectfully) wear kimono and encourage it in a lot of cases. But obviously their experience is completely different than say, a Japanese American who would likely find it gross (I’m guessing?)
  16. Was just driving along minding my own business and....!


    Needless to say I had to hold up rush hour LA traffic haha.
  17. Always interesting to see the rehearsals for these big performances.

  18. Wow, this is new right? More please!
  19. This would have been such a moment if she’d sung it live.
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