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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Made me stream 3 today
  2. I’m happy if my faves are happy, performing or not.
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  3. The idea of Britney never hitting the stage again is grotesque. BUT her happiness comes first obviously.
  4. I’m so glad I got to see her live (Piece of Me) if she really will never perform again.
  5. Damn.
  6. Eh, I’ve had some worries the past few months, but it also got me to reminiscing and revisiting her old letters and interviews. Britney’s always been… tentative when it comes to retirement/breaks. She’d say she’s taking a long break one minute and emerged with a new project the next. Of course, this time might make that more “realistic” because of obvious reasons, but I personally don’t see her completely abandoning music or performing, especially hopefully when her affairs are settled. I’ll obviously be there when it happens and I’m just imagining the weeping wreck I’ll be the next time I see her in concert.
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  7. Not that Pearl catsuit on her Insta being better than every outfit in the last leg of Piece Of Me…
  8. RMK


    She's probably tired in general from going so strong all those years and, on top of that, now she's been out of performing for awhile. She has her kids, her boyfriend, and also probably dislikes the increase in media coverage lately. It's one thing at a time, but I doubt she'll never pop up - even at an award show for a medley - again.
  9. Ya'll, she doesn't know if she'll take the stage again because she's refusing to perform while under her dad's control. That's in court documents.

    I don't take this as a retirement message at all. It's simply an acknowledgement that the future of her career is uncertain given her circumstances.

    And even if she does mean she'll never "take the stage" again that doesn't necessarily mean stop creating and sharing art.

    Personally, I'd rather she only ever take the stage again when she has control over her career and truly wants to be there.
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  10. She doesn’t even have to do award show performances for her next tour to sell. Just casually announce it on her Instagram, put on five day old charcoal makeup and a catsuit*, go onstage and she’ll get a soldout tour. Her fans, both the casuals and rabid, are 100% going to support it this time around.

    *pls don’t, I’m kidding
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  11. I honestly don’t think she’s done with performing forever but I’m not going to lie hearing her be so nonchalant about it was kind of shocking. There’s of course they added dimension of the c-ship and her feelings about the current state of her professional life. It’s all about just a very unique set of circumstances.
  12. I'm happy never seeing her perform again if that's what would make her happy.
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  13. This is exactly how I heard it as well. While it's obviously a total possibility that she is done for good (and if that's her wish, I fully support her!), this statement sounded like a complete shot at her dad. "To reiterate, dad: as long as you're doing this, I will not be doing that." Boss shit.
  14. Are fans really interested in what her favourite business trip was?

    "You guys asked me what my favourite dishwasher tablet is. My favourite dishwasher tablet is Cascade Platinum but sometimes I also like Finish Powerball."

    "You guys asked me what I like most about cats - their ears or their tongues. What I like most about cats are their tongues."

    ''You guys asked me what my favourite pencil was..."
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  15. Dddd I actually loved hearing she loved the Versace trip and we never knew Donatella housed her in a villa. One of my all time favorite looks from a pop star

    If they intend to keep asking her cute questions mixed with heavy ones, can they ask her stuff like most unforgettable moments in the studio or funniest backstage experience at a show?
  16. I need to know the favourite pencil now...
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  17. It's
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  18. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Funny how she uses two nonsense questions to get to what people actually want to know. The subterfuge is always obvious, and she's been doing it for years; I wonder if it's leftover from the early days of media training.
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  19. Since we're on the topic, it's been two years and eight months since Britney last performed, which is the exact length of time she was away from the stage from 2004 to 2007.

    Obviously a much different set of circumstances than back then. Even if it weren't for her personal/legal situation, I would say that amount of time off is more than earned at this stage in her career... hell, even longer. But yeah, it's the uncertainty of her future that is difficult to think about as a fan. I do feel certain though that she won't work unless the conditions of the c-ship look exactly how she wants them to (whether that's for it to be altered or eradicated altogether, who knows).

  20. Jude Law
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