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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Radio doesn't count towards the UK chart. I agree its a bit raunchy for some audiences but at the time radio was playing a lot of really sensual pop music, so I could see it doing really well, especially with a great, controversial video and some performances - the CD:UK was incredible.
  2. Not bad, for someone who claimed not to benefit from her sister’s abuse.
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  3. I am already preparing for Scammie Lynn to do an IG live explaining to everybody that she was/is completely helpless because she is basically under the same influence and restraints that her sister is, without actually being officially in a conservatorship. That she also struggles with all of the pressure and is forced into doing things that she does not want to do (cue to the fake tears).
  4. Or lack thereof.

    Also, Scammie Lynne had me screaming! My current nickname for her is Jamie Lyin’ Spears
  5. I can't wait for Britney to spill all on everyone that have been involved for those 13 years.

    I am hoping she sues them all as well.
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  6. Once again.

  7. I enjoy "Jail-Me Lynn"
  8. MTV did a "The Fabulous Life of Britney Spears" episode at some time in the early 00s.
    They mention that she bought 2 apartments in NYC - one for herself and another for her loser brother Bryan.
    It also mentions a 1m apartment on Florida's Gulf Coast, which is where Destin is -

    So was she forced to hand over the keys to her father and he gave it to Jamie Lynn?
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  9. Really, really hope this materializes.

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  10. Late 1990s/early 2000s remixes are on a completely different level than nowadays. I miss this style. The Breathe On Me remix is fantastic.
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  11. I do wonder if she’ll speak on doing Meet & Greets at some point. That is really one of the things I 100% don’t understand why she was doing, especially in light of her confirming “she’s scared of people.” Were LiveNation or Planet Hollywood’s contracts so ironclad that she needed to do them? Because I see a lot of artists not doing them. Over time, I kind of thought to myself that maybe it’s her way of “conquering her fear”, but now, I’m not too sure.

    We know that behind the scenes, she does have some appreciation for the fans, but it was also sad to see se people getting disappointed when they started rolling it out for the Femme Fatale Tour. I think it got “better” for Piece of Me because at least, almost everyone knew what to expect.
  12. Forty, FREE, and Thriving... manifesting this in its entirety for our humble Queen.
  13. So if the condo was bought under a trust on her name, technically it was still somewhat a property owned by her right? Jamie Lynn them seems like just someone who stays there...
  14. I’m guessing she didn’t have much of a choice in the matter..
  15. I'm doubtful that it had anything to do with LiveNation or Planet Hollywood, more likely that it was another way to squeeze extra cash out of Britney and her fanbase.
  16. Especially the amounts they were charging for them. The Vegas ones were so pricey.
  17. Attorney Harry Nelson, hi!
  18. Speaking of meet and greets, I hope that those who showed up in a pullover hoodie, gym shorts, and an umbrella never have a sound night's sleep.
  19. I met her in Vegas and it was a very interesting experience. (Bit of a long story, so if this is TL;DR just scroll to the last line).

    A point to note... this was like 3 days after a crazy fan went in and kissed her on the cheek without her permission during the M&G. Understandably it really freaked her out, and she had cancelled the M&G's the previous two nights. So I was just glad it was happening, and I figured she'd probably be even more reserved than normal.

    I have a friend who works in the music industry who was able to get us in to the M&G, and beforehand we were all de-briefed by Felicia (who was absolutely hilarious) saying "Try not to go in there screaming and crying. Britney is a normal person who is somewhat unaware of her level of fame". I thought that was so strange but totally made sense given the conservatorship situation and all the rumours that had been swirling. She also said no hugging (unless Britney initiated it), but to go in and shake her hand and introduce yourself. After that we were broken up into 3 groups, which I could very easily decipher were 1) crazy fans shaking and crying, 2) industry people, 3) high-rollers who spent a shit ton of money at the casino and were rewarded with a free meet and greet. I know this because I asked a few of them. Now I am definitely a superfan, but also old enough to stay cool, calm and collected – especially given Britney's fragility. I was shaking and crying on the inside tho henny!

    Once we went in, we stood behind the step and repeat where Britney was. You could see her shadow the whole time but you didn't actually see her until you walked around the corner. So that made it all the more intimating. Anyway, the funniest part was... they sent all the crazy superfans out first. We were in the group following that. My friend went up first from our group and told me that Britney took a pair of earplugs out of her ears as he walked up, LOL. So, basically she wore earplugs throughout the group of crazy fans. Oop!

    Then I went up, turned the corner, and she was standing there in front of a massive step and repeat, in a massive room full of people, with enough lights to light up what felt like a small city. I put out my hand and introduced myself, and she shook it and said "Hi, I'm Britney!" which threw me for a loop because... duh. She definitely felt a bit like a deer in headlights but very sweet and normal. I said something like "Thank you for entertaining us all of these years. We're close in age, and it's been so amazing to grow up with your music.", she smiled and said "Aww, that's so sweet!" we took a quick photo, and I of course my gay-ass had to say "PS Blackout is the best pop album of all time" as I walked off, and she laughed and said "I love it too!". Short and sweet, but exactly what I thought it would be.

    Based on my experience though, it definitely wasn't a process she enjoyed. The fact that she wore earplugs half of the time says it all!
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