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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. People really did this to her? That is horrific.
  2. I truly do not know how these people got passed security dressed like that with props, etc. They should've known better or escorted them out the fucking door. When I went to Vegas, the ticket attendant even told me "Dress to impress! I've heard she really likes when people dress up for her!".... and i DID. But now, looking back at my meet & greet in May of 2017, and as GREAT as she was with me (complimented me, hugged me twice and actually had a full blown convo), I can't help but feel guilty. I got to meet the woman who inspired me to fall in love with dance music, or just music in general, and there was a large force behind her making her do these things she didn't want to do. Felicia assuring us and saying that she was excited to meet her fans and talk to us, "liked the hugs but ask first. And don't do that stupid "hand heart" thing, she hates it!") made us all laugh and make her comfortable by not coming in crying or screaming at her (after security said keep it short and sweet and get out the door). Oof.

    I had the best 2 minutes with the woman. i went in and said hi, asked if I could hug her "really quick" and she said "sure, sweetie come here." and after we pulled apart, she looked me up and down, and says "omg i love this!" and pulls my cross on my neck. I had had a whole schpeel to say to her and it went right out the window when she was talking to me like a normal person. A true gem of a woman.

    I had sent in a letter to her (which I'd never done in my life but after the warm reception and interaction I got with her, I just felt like i had to) and my photo with her a few weeks later for her to sign (because I had heard she does sign stuff before her shows and reads letters). The Exhale users then started a debate if she "actually" signs stuff. A bummer. But, see for yourselves:

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  3. The guy who 'recreated' the umbrella outfit actually posed with her without any umbrella and then photoshopped it in after.

    So not only was he a misogynistic dickhead but also a complete coward too.
  4. "Death... to all of them." comes to mind.
  5. I’m late but really enjoying the Take The Bait demo. There’s something euphoric about it.
  6. There were some sweet moments throughout like when a fan gave her a letter saying she had saved him and then she wrote him back and got him another M&G

    but overall I doubt that a self-described shy introvert who isnt comfortable around people she doesn't know would be up for Meet & Greets herself. Plus although the Piece of Me 2018 M&Gs started off fine in the US by Europe we got a lot of bad stories, including one girl who Britney refused to take a picture with.
  7. I remember that drama online. A whole mess. She truly didn't wanna be on that tour.
  8. There's a new blind item on Crazy Days and Nights, please delete if posting is against the Conservatorship rules of the thread, but since a lot of what they've hinted at in the past seems to be checking out and it sounds pretty plausible...


  9. I feel like most of these blind items are rumors that are lifted from fan accounts that have already done research on it nn.
  10. I had my M&G in 2014 and tbh I was so starstruck that since walking out of the venue that night till date I can only recall the time I got to spend talking to Fe - a super super sweet woman who I believe to be the only person in her team that has had and still has Britney’s best interests in mind.

    Also the kii of me telling Fe to put a word to Britney to make Alien the 3rd single. She said, “I will. She loves that song too!” with a huge grin. I said it before but yeah, I really do miss Fe & Britney together.
  11. There’s obviously a lot of #FreeBritney content on TikTok, but lately I’ve been seeing a lot of them are about the whole Britney Jean saga, I really hope one of them gains traction and that album is finally taken down.
  12. It would be pretty cool if she did a Taylor and rerecorded it and put it out...but only the songs she wanted on it of course.
  13. Why bother, it is not worth time and money for that album. Just take Work Bitch and Perfume and leave it as that.
  14. Til It’s Gone with a proper Britney vocal. The power it could have had. I feel like it fluctuates between sounding like her and not at all. I wish stems for it would leak like the rest. It deserves a proper remix package.
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  15. I feel it is very dated like much of the album and not something I want to revisit.

    The ballads on the album could be worth salvaging, but the rest can be binned.
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  16. Ever since I saw the YouTube video showing the full split out of vocals between her and Myah Marie for the entire album, I sadly can't even take Work Bitch from it. It's not her singing it.
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  17. She was such a joy in this interview. Looked absolutely beautiful and had that spark we all know is there. The US press treated/treats her like garbage, so it's always nice to see her be treated so nicely from UK hosts (Corden excluded, he can rot.)
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  18. Someone here made a joke that Britney probably has like 6 seconds of line distribution in Work Bitch and to be honest it seems not too far from the truth at all. I mean she re-recorded the song for her performances and it sounds WAY better.
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  19. Or re-release it with the original direction she wanted to take with it
    I'd be fine if she permanently scrubbed the whole original track list from streaming.
    I can't understand how any fan could justify any song on that album after this year's revelations. There's just too much "not Britney" throughout it.
    Also besides the point it's just also largely uninspired.
    Atleast with every single Britney album prior (and after) they pushed the envelope each time, whether it's vocals, musical influences/direction, lyrics.
    Femme Fatale may have gave her a layered manufactured voice, atleast it really delved into the dance/EDM pop it presented.
    Britney Jean kind of just thought to do so half-assed. It doesn't commit to a genre, an idea or direction.

    I was in Destin on vacation during her first court hearing June 23rd. I should have went looking for her sisters condo!
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