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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Is lizard guy the one in her shelved video?
  2. This is very similiar to mine. Before we went in, Fe said to us all that if we went in and treated her like an old friend we hadn't seen in years, we'd have a better experience. "She feeds off your energy, so if you're nervous, she gets nervous." I also shook her hand and introduced myself and got "Hi, I'm Britney, nice to meet you!". I told her I'd flown from London to see her on my own and she gushed about how London was her favourite place. It was also my birthday on the day of the meet and greet and she wished me a happy birthday and said it was 'so cool' that I was spending it with her. The photographer signalled for the photo and Britney threw her arm around me - something I hadn't expected as the bodyguards outside were very adamant that you do not touch her. I asked her if it was okay if I put my arm around her and she said yes. Then, I asked what her favourite part of the show was and she replied "The beginning" but didn't expand any further so I said it had been amazing to meet her and she said the same back, and bam, my experience was done. I honestly couldn't have asked for more in all honesty.

  3. Great photo, and I am LIVING for your caption!
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  4. All these M&G stories are so heartwarming. She's always seemed like such a genuine soul.
  5. Not this being almost exactly my experience as well, down to the "aww that's so sweet!" SCREAM.

    This was from my meet and greet. I'm not her, just in line nn. Iconic.

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  6. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Britney’s a celebrity rarity in that I think she honestly doesn’t like star-fuckers. She’d much rather someone just introduce themselves and talk about the weather than fawn over her. It’s probably why she didn’t fuck with James Corden, who slathers all over his guests and is ready to eat whatever crumbs they drop to the floor.
  7. Jimmy Kimmel and James Corden both have been really shady and bitchy towards her, and with Corden it seems to mostly come from a place of snobbery - he fancies himself some amazing talent and thinks Britney isn't so he can punch down. But with Jimmy Kimmel he has done some stuff that is straight up cruel and mean spirited. Several years ago - maybe 2014 or 2015 - on Britney's birthday he had a kid come out during the monologue and talk about the time Britney shaved her head and the time she lost custody of her kids and it was so cruel and - thankfully - it played to very few laughs, if memory serves correctly. But why do it? What did Britney Spears do personally to Jimmy Kimmel to warrant that? She came on his show before it was even popular and she was funny and charming and generous because she was A++++ list and his show had just started. Hell of a way to repay someone. I wish during the Me Too conversations that little skit had gotten some renewed attention.

    Sorry to rant.
  8. I think it was even more recent than that – around the time Glory was released? That whole thing was so gross.
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  9. It was on her birthday, and I'm thinking it was before Glory because I remember being so annoyed at her team for booking her to do that whole waking him up in his bedroom while Make Me played thing when he had been so mean just a year or so earlier, but it might have been post-Glory. I just remember it was his way of "celebrating" her birthday.
  10. Eaux. I remember being more annoyed with her mimicking Rihanna’s stunt at the time; but in retrospect, with his antics, it just becomes so much more grotesque.
  11. That’s the rooftop where Fe and another guy gathered everyone for a prep talk lol. I had a pic with Fe afterwards.
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  12. After she gets free (I really manifest this), I hope she literally moves out of Los Angeles for a while, maybe to Louisiana. The paparazzi, media and even disgruntled members of her old team would 100% be hungry to see if she’ll make mistakes again for the world to see.
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  13. I was as excited to meet Fe as I was Britney! I also got a picture with Willie because I fancied him so much and that’s probably the only time I’ll ever be pictured with someone as hot as him!

  14. I doubt she would move out of LA before Jaden turns 18. Plus now there's also Sam who is based there so yeah she isnt going to Kentwood anytime soon.
  15. I’d rather she moved to London. I genuinely believe she would love it - she’s always make it clear has a lot of love for the city.
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  16. That’s true. It’s just worrying because there’ll be such huge pressure on her after she’s free to appear “stable” and we know there’s usually a sunset period for media goodwill. I actually hope that a lot of her celebrity peers reach out to recommend people to help manage her affairs and day to day. Simple things like taking selfies to render paparazzi photos worthless are things she should be learning, which I haven’t seen her do.
  17. After learning this it is so hard to listen to the song and enjoy it. I wish we could get new versions with only Britney’s voice on all the songs that allegedly isn’t her.
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  18. Yeah loved Fe, she really is one of the most loveliest people to ever meet. I really hope she reconnects with Britney.

    Willie is fit, but Britney's dancers have always been fit. She has exquisite taste!
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  19. Yea she wouldn’t move to Louisiana (or nearby) until Jayden is out of high school. However Jansens post about hoping to be reunited soon gives me hope that any lack of contact Britney had with her, Courtney and Laura Lynne wasn’t by choice. With her family life being so complicated and upsetting, it’d be at least some consolation that her oldest girlfriends will be in her life regularly again (I know LL is her cousin too, but you know what I mean).
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