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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Whatever happened to Brett, her assistant? Has she said anything? Or Alli?
  2. She will 100% need new management, whether or not she works a day again as a pop star. I can't really think of many peers in recent years that have successfully navigated stars out of a media circus of the proportions she has and will have to deal with. Ariana, Beyonce, Taylor and Justin Bieber are the only ones that come to mind, and the manager of half of those isn't everyone's favorite dddd
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  3. Well, rumours have it that Gaga’s Bobby is eyeing the job.
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  4. She doesn’t really need a manager for that. A publicist probably. But if she’s not gonna perform again she really doesn’t need someone to fill Larry’s role.
  5. Ah, I stand corrected there. She will need people though to help her, I guess, most especially with her finances and her movements in the media. I don't think she can walk to a local Starbucks without some sort of planning or coordination for a while, though from her testimony, she seems to have knowledge of which places to go to to avoid people.

    Ariana and Beyonce are the ones that come to mind, who have been huge tabloid magnets, but have somehow managed to stay lowkey recently in spite of being somewhat active socially... Ariana especially because her relationship, engagement and marriage could've been a huge fiasco.
  6. While not discussing her plans for another album or any future music related content,
    I would love Britney to dabble again in acting if she ever wanted to.
    "Bitch get out of here! You spilt my Skittles!"
    Alone was Emmy worthy lmao
  7. I happened to watch her Will & Grace bit the other day and it was really good! It was campy and elevated but it didn't take me out of the moment and she was really funny! I also wish she explores acting in the future if she wants to.
  8. Britney is a bit different since the people you’re listing have never really been followed like she was/is. But I doubt things will be out of control, since there are paparazzi laws now, and Britney has been in this long enough to know how to avoid them.
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  9. Are there actual paparazzi laws heavily implemented since 2007?

    By the way, we were discussing Britney fashion moment and I thought the Vegas 2013 ensemble was pretty nice.


    The 2018 fiasco will probably be more remembered, but 2013 was a mess, too dddd they have zero luck with these Vegas announcements.
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  10. Paparazzi culture has pretty much been reduced to capturing TikTok and YouTube stars who call them in advance. That should tell you everything. Of course they’ll catch shots of bigger names, but it’s not at all what it used to be because of the laws that have been created and the rise of social media/everyone having a camera. Even when Britney gets tailed today, it’s less than a handful of them.
  11. Good reminder of why Sam Lufti aint shit.

  12. The fact that Britney has moved farther out of LA since the days when the conservatorship was first implemented also helps. She just doesn't have a reason to go into the city anymore, and the paparazzi that are left aren't known for frequenting the Thousand Oaks area very often.
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  13. A LOT of the "Britney" album's lyrics really resonate with what she's going through right now. Especially most of "Cinderella" - what an ANTHEM.
  14. They followed Britney because she was a tabloid star. Beyoncé never did that or entertained it and things have changed since Ariana debuted.
  15. I hate how he is on twitter acting like some saint trying to help her and expose others. Her fans are falling for it too.
  16. This is a great article by Time Magazine.

  17. Two icons!

    P.s 8 year old JoJo singing her way past Brits bodyguards only to end up singing right in front of Britney is still a total mood!
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  18. The way things have turned out with Jamie Lynne is heartbreaking. I remember how protective and nurturing Britney was of her back in the day, even saying JL would make a better popstar than her, only to get stabbed in the back. Makes me so sad.
  19. Love it when my faves collide:
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  20. One of the rare occasions a self titled actually suits the content perfectly and doesn’t seem self titled because they couldn’t come up with a title. Only Britney.

    I’ve been binging Britney too. I think I checked out for that album when I was younger and swooped back in for In The Zone. I regret it now because it’s a great album and I’m enjoying going back to it.
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