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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Literally rolled my eyes at them suggesting Larry lmaoooo it’s so blatant who’s pockets they’re in
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  2. Fe is an angel sent to earth.
  3. I know there’s probably so much happening behind the scenes that we don’t know about but I find it slightly odd that Britney’s new lawyer still hasn’t filed the petition to terminate the conservatorship (or any new motions for that matter?)
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  4. Because they want to get Jamie out first. He already said they’re working on a petition, but I imagine Britney wants to do way more than that, since she also said she wants him to be investigated.
  5. Yeah I think they want to get Jamie off it first, since Britney has stated many times how she doesn't like the control over her.
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  6. Has anything been actually formally filed in order to get Jamie out though? Considering the November petition to get him removed was rejected. I know there was a petition from Lynne and Jodie is feuding with him, are they watching from the sidelines to see how this unfolds?
  7. No, that's what they're working on now. Unless he decides to step down before the next hearing.
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  8. Wasn’t Miss Brett a bit of an icon within the fanbase at some point? I remember people were seeking her for The Circus Tour.
  9. And I'm sure there's a huge whole complicated process that we don't know. Which is why law school is so damn hard.

    Time for us to have a little blind faith and know Britney's in good hands during this long process where we may go lengths with no updates while they work to get her free of all this.
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  10. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Seeing her eke back control of her social media is just...


    You can just feel her radiating happiness at having even the slightest bit of further control in her life.
  11. My Queen really said “They should not be able to get away so easily, m’am!”. She knows an easy dissolving of it all would be too sweet a solution for everyone involved in her abuse. She wants them investigated, and I trust and hope she, with her lawyer, takes her sweet time to gather all the evidence that’s needed so that when comes the showdown, all she needs to do is just say “Checkmate!”.

    I’m horny just imagining that.
  12. I'm surprised she hasn't done an instagram live yet, swimming in her pool or painting. Didn't she try to do one on Sam's account one time?

    She's glowing though!
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  13. With how shitty the GP used to treat her during the latter end of the early 2000’s she’s probably wary of doing lives or fan interaction. Can you blame her, though?
  14. I actually am a bit wary that they haven’t filed a petition yet because I feel like we already went through this with Ingham, who turned out to be a rat. This case only really had any movements because of public pressure so I do think there should be some organized communication with the public just to take control of the narrative. We will have to see.
  15. To be fair, it's only been like 10 days since Rosengart was appointed, and he mentioned having to go over some documents or something like that. We're talking about 13 years worth of stuff here.
  16. I'm wondering if she has consented to these topless pics being posted or if they were supposed to stay private.
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  17. Well for what it's worth Sam has commented on them so Im guessing they were intended to be shared with the world.
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  18. This crossed my mind too.

    This is part of what makes me feel uncomfortable about every facet of Brand Britney, including her social media presence, whilst the conservatorship remains.

    None of us truly knows whether or not Brit has signed off on stuff or not.
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  19. She had her hair stylist come in so most likely. And I doubt Sam would comment if Britney did not consent to them being posted considering he’s so supportive of her and the #FreeBritney movement.

  20. I assumed they were her and a visual comment on “Free Britney”. Literally.
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