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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. The genuine excitement in her voice in that Instagram video about getting the iPad made me well up a bit??
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  2. Her voice sounding so natural and normal in that new clip, I'm kind of shook?

    ETA: Just seeing the one about the iPad and it made me smile so big, she sounds so excited and happy (although it's sad that she's never been able to have an iPad). Also, the Bridesmaids reference, I'm screaming
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  3. Anywhere to see these?
  4. Not the squeaks in the second slide

  5. It’s so sad thinking about all the things we take for granted, being denied to her (or extremely controlled) for so many years. I hope all of this is settled sooner rather than later.

    I also hope that all the people that were complicit in this (family, doctors, lawyers), are jailed/prosecuted for human rights abuses.

  6. Collab queens
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  7. Apple better be writing that check!
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  8. I distinctly remember reading a Forbes article about her in maybe 2010-2011 that said she was worth 500 million. Her perfume sales are absolutely HUGE. Her line is almost 20 years old at this point.
  9. I would be surprised if she stayed in that house when all this is over. It must hold so many bad memories.
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  10. It will be such a make or break point if she is anything close to free. She'll need top people to sort millions of things out. I really hope she'll find good people to do so. But seeing the endless love of her colleagues I am sure they'll be happy to lead her to trustworthy people they have worked with.
  11. I have been playing this scene in my mind where she walks in the door after getting her freedom, assembles all of her spies/"staff" and tells them to get their stuff and get out of her house!
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  12. She had every right to just disappear from media, but it makes me so happy she’s sharing her new “freedoms” with us. It’s honestly both so great and heartbreaking at the same time.
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  13. I get the impression Britney will make a comeback one day, on her terms and with her own creative vision. Sure, she wants a well deserved break and I hope she enjoys every second of it. But she’s also incredibly hard working and passionate about her craft and I can’t wait to see what she unleashes.
  14. God she looks beautiful. I absolutely love candid photos of her. She's always looked gorgeous without the ton of makeup. (Still beautiful with makeup too).
  15. James Spears just filed an objection to the ex parte filed by Britney’s lawyers, which apparently isn’t even legal to do so. Give it up, God.
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  16. The last two videos prove nothing but the contrary to what the Devil is saying about his daughter. God, do your worst and take him away from her.
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  17. TMZ are reporting that *allegedly* Jodi spoke to Jamie last month and referred to Britney as "mentally impaired", conversations about a 5150 hold were discussed.

    Her lawyer is really about to tear all their heads off.
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  18. Another 5150 would destroy Britney. Good grief, just typing out that number triggered my PTSD, let alone hers.
  19. Jesus. I can't believe they're trying to embrace the idea of putting Britney back in a 5150 psychiatric hold. That's just horrifying.
    Initially I would have been worried but I have such confidence with her new lawyer that he'll do what he can to make sure these people won't get to Britney

    I just can't believe they're suggesting that.
    Definitely prison for each and everyone.
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