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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. So is Sept 13 still in place for the next hearing?
  2. People need to read the petition closely. It means if court decided to remove Jamie he wouldn’t fight that decision. Which I think is the only option for Team Con because he doesn’t have the money to pursuit that fight once he’s out of Britney pay roll. Vivian & co is expensive. If the court did’t remove him in the next hearing, he would be still there so it’s not like he’s resigning or wanting out of the conservatorship or anything
  3. Hmm I agree. She's the mastermind behind her best albums and knows what works. If Abel wants to try his hand at having Prince-style protégés, Britney ain't it.
  4. This is such a joke. Vivian will continue to squeeze every penny from this fool. This document is actually pathetic, a 12 page legal document talking shit about at his ex-wife? How much did this fucking cost? Continuing to ignore Britney. Lawyers laughing all the way to the bank as usual.


    I actually can't. The book that sold the whole sham to the public? Sorry the conservatorship manifesto hurt you so much
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  5. I do hope Mathew makes a press statement soon to clear things up (as he has been in the past few weeks). I've been seeing outlets more or less reporting that she's free now.
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  6. This is actually a great point. I'm glad that Jamie's complaining, in addition to making him look bad, may also have negative legal repercussions as well.

  7. This cheap PR via TMZ to parade 'freedom' for her is complete bullshit. This is far from being over and there's no justice until this man and the entire system are held accountable.

  8. Insightful interview. The lawyer argues that one of the reasons Jamie is stepping down now is because his legal fees are now being called into question and he essentially wants to bargain his removal.
    This is bizarre. So they're basically admitting that they were spending Britney's money on things like this without her approval??
  10. Regardless of what it all means, things seem to be moving in the right direction.

    I imagine (and I'm hoping) the September 29th hearing will consist of the judge removing Jamie and appointing Jason Rubin as the conservator of her estate. Matthew will then petition for a formal investigation to take place shortly after, providing the first part is agreed and not contested.
  11. The fact that Rosengart mentioned taking Jamie's deposition was such a flex. I love that this has turned into not just Freeing Britney but prosecuting the people who did this to her as per her wishes, which Rosengart seems fully on board with.
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  12. I just hope she gets freed at the soonest before any of these investigations start. The Rosengart team may seem good now, but having a worldwide superstar worth millions under your total control, both financially and personally, could corrupt a lot people what more a bunch lawyers and accountants dd. That was always the crux of the issue that having this much control over another grown adult is a recipe for disaster.
  13. Are we already at the point where we suspect Mathew’s motives?
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  14. I mean, I don’t think anyone should ever be 100% confident in a lawyer’s motives, which is why all the stanning makes me a bit nervous. At the same time, I don’t think we have cause for suspicion at this point; I just hope people are a bit more cautious with their open support.

    All that aside, this is all another step in the right direction, and I’m soaking in every little victory we get.
  15. That was sweet of Ryan. Screenshot_20210813-141518_Instagram.jpg

    No no, you're absolutely right and I've rolled my eyes many times at some members doing exactly what I did and I got carried away. I will definitely be better cause I know better. This isn't exhale.

    (With news to Jamie leaving the C-ship.)
    If he does infact leave, it only makes sense that he did it as a way to bargain something on his end. Only makes sense with that we've learned about him so far. But I guess we shall wait and see what else comes to light about his removal.
    Cause it's wired that many sites are reporting that he isn't leaving the position, but he definitely is.... Right?
  16. Britney built the house. It’s possible she was paying for those things always.
  17. Free Britney featured in BEP’s new video at 2:29, which is cute of will.

    That said, the song is dated 2011 trash, though strangely, I might bop. I’m quite surprised at Black Eyed Peas’s resurgence lately, the streaming numbers of their new songs are huge, never mind for a group that’s been around for more than two decades.
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  18. It is 100% in Rosengart's interests to get a great outcome for Britney. He is already becoming prolific for this and if he pulls this off, he will become the go-to lawyer for high profile cases. This is becoming a historical legal battle and it's in his interests to be the one who ensured justice is served.
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  19. He already has a great reputation in showbiz circles . I can't see him wanting to mess that up.
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