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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Saweetie will literally get on anything. Good for ha I guess.
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  2. Newest purchase, so pretty.

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  3. Alskskjsksk not me just realizing Britney is referencing Toxic in Perfect Lover with the “Got me so damn high, can’t come down” lyric. Elevated from an 11/10 to a 12/10.
  4. Would this mean she recorded something new? Or they somehow recycled old vocals?
  5. Yeah I can totally imagine Britney singing Lele's parts.
  6. I'm not sure but I doubt it. This could be an old demo from 3-4 years ago for all we know.
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  7. I dreamt about Britney hitting the stage and renaming Work Bitch into Work Daddy. It was glorious! Not sure if I read it somewhere first or if my mind actually made it up though…
  8. Ever since June, I have felt off listening to anything from Femme Fatale.
    Because I'm wondering if she despised that album due to the type of environment she was enduring and everything.

    I've got the feeling she was passionate about Circus because that was right at the beginning before things started becoming truly bleak. (Could be completely wrong though)

    But I just wonder if she has a distaste towards an album like Femme Fatale that really comes off as a project she was largely pushed to do with little enthusiasm about it.
    I guess if she ever speaks up on that directly, we'll never know how she feels.

    (Are the rumors true about Britney looking into going on Oprah? I keep seeing news articles and wasn't sure if that's in the works, or just someone pedaling wishful thinking into circulation)
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  9. She was photographed driving in her car (without anybody else). Such a trivial thing, but it must feel so hugely liberating to her!

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  10. I kind of get this feeling, especially considering that she left Hold It Against Me out of the Vegas show despite it being a massive hit and I Wanna Go got cut as soon as she could.
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  11. Britney Jean is the only one I can think of.
  12. I'm loving And Then We Kiss today.
  13. She referred to Femme Fatale and Britney Jean as more or less being done for her/her not being as hands on with them while she was promoting Glory in 2016. She didn't really elaborate beyond that. I think it's natural for any artist to gravitate towards the work they are most involved in (Britney, In The Zone, Blackout, Circus, Glory) she seemed very happy with all of these projects. But I don't think she outright dislikes any of her other records either.
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  14. I am pretty sure that in doing press for Femme Fatale she actually listed I Wanna Go as one of her favorite tracks on the album and said how much she'd enjoyed working with Max on it? This is relatively fresh in my mind because of all the Wikipedia wormholes I fell into while doing my scoring for the rate.
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  15. I would say Britney Jean was the only one she probably doesn't care for, since that is the only one she didn't attend the album listening I think.
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  16. Corrected.
  17. I remember her talking fondly about How I Roll and Criminal during promo for Femme Fatale. She seemed really enthusiastic in the I Wanna Go video too so I don't buy that she was totally switched off during the Femme Fatale era. Obviously there would have been stuff going on behind the scenes though.
  18. I hate speculating but it just sounds like she was promised things for them to take them away from her time and time again. I get the feeling she was always hopeful but at the same time fed up of being treated like a child. Whenever she was due to promote, she would always say she is excited about the album and appear 'perfectly happy' as that was her job and what she HAD to do, all the while being stuck in the situation with no way out. She was bloody strong.
  19. Like the fourth/fifth best song on Blackout (which is still a high ranking)

  20. She could have been referring to Britney Jean only, or maybe also Femme Fatale. She seemed to be into songs like How I Roll, He About to Lose Me, and Criminal though, so I don't think she dislikes the latter. The songs that she did during the early stages (Circus tour and early 2010) seem to be her favorites.

    Didn't she write the bridge on Don't Keep Me Waiting as well, or was that fan fiction? Because that song screams Britney.

    Edit: Can't find any source, so probably fan fiction ddd.
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