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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. I have absolutely no clue what this all means but it seems like a major victory. Pray to God it all works out and the conservatorship is lifted ASAP.
  2. W2K


    It’s really sad that we have to be so cautious with this absolute cretin, but I really hope that this is true and marks the end of Britney’s torment.
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  3. What a way to celebrate the 20th birthday of one of the most iconic performances ever. I’m over the moon for Britney! Obviously Jamie and his team are trying to save their asses, but good luck with that. Rosengart’s already got y’all at your balls!
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  4. Maybe I’m being paranoid but I won’t be celebrating until we find out how Judge Penny responds to all of this at the end of September. This is huge though!
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  5. It knocks me sick that he had absolutely no intention of doing this until she finally managed to break through some of the shackles and holds on her.

    I hope this is the start of the end, and that they all truly get what they deserve. Go enjoy your life Britney do what you want to!!
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  6. Doesn’t the final page of his petition say he wants the accounting matters to be settled before it is terminated? He basically wants a blank check for the $2m of inappropriate fees he’s incurred in exchange for her freedom. I think people are right to be suspicious.
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  7. I think he's feeling the heat with her team now investigating financial mismanagement and asking for sworn statements and is probably willing to let her go free to avoid jail. I hope they don't let him get away with it.

    It's shocking what able counsel can do for you, this whole thing unraveled in months. I hope that monster Ingham is sued for malpractice for gaslighting her for 13 years while he worked for the other team.
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  8. A beautiful day.
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  9. Quite a 180 for Jamie to go from "my daughter is severely unwell, she needs the Conservatorship for her own safety" and the talk of a 5150 amongst Britney's "concerning behaviour", to now be suddenly so confident the ENTIRE Conservatorship is no longer needed and Britney being perfectly capable to handle her own life.

    Like... who's running continuity over there in Thoreen's corner of the sewer? All this filing states to me is Britney's team have dug up enough now in their investigation to have Jamie by the throat. Seems like Daddy is scrambling to save himself from criminal prosecution and $2m legal fees to pay himself and I'm glad Matthew sees straight through it.

    GETTING THERE FOLKS!!! #FreeBritney
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  10. It’s one of those things where I’ll have to see it officially approved and dissolved by the courts before I celebrate but regardless, this is an extremely encouraging development!

    How amazing would it be if this ended before her birthday when she turns 40? The best present.
  11. I hope this opens the doors for similar cases where people have been taken advantage of for years too.
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  12. This. He knows they're coming for him.
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  13. The way the whole thing fell apart in a matter of months the minute she got competent, independent council.
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  14. This all sounds great and I really hope it comes into action. But still, I’m cautiously optimistic about any big changes or progress. I just want Britney free goddamit!
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  15. I’m cautious but so fucking happy for her.
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  16. At this point, I just want her freed from this entire system in the quickest way possible. I'm sure there'll be ways to sue people left and right and financial investigations would probably take place. Rosengart... I have no words. So thankful for him.
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  17. It really is messed up that it took only a few months for Rosengart to actually make progress whilst Ignam did crap all for 13 years.

    I seriously hope they don't let anyone off that easily.
  18. Now sue their assess to the moon and back! What a start, she’s nearly free!
  19. Iggy‘s comment is also very sweet.
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  20. While Rosengart definitely made waves and did the leg works the past few weeks, let’s not forget Britney’s speech lit the fire that burned that entire courtroom.
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