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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Moved to September.

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  2. Let them know, Rosendad.
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  3. And she posted a rose post the other day. You cant tell me otherwise what I’m thinking hehehe
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  4. After they totally snubbed it at the time, when it in fact deserved to sweep the board.

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  5. I imagine they would have been posted by MTV if that was the case. These were leaked by a fan account on Instagram.
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  6. This hit like a ton of bricks today. I miss her voice

  7. I know Out From Under provides famously mixed reactions amongst fans, but I think it's a great song and would have been an excellent single. I know I've posted it a million times but humor me once more - the ideal Circus singles run in my dreamland:

    Out From Under
    If U Seek Amy
    Unusual You

    Re- Release:
    Telephone (w/ Lady Gaga)
  8. Circus really should’ve had more visuals than we got, at least. There seemed to be a lot of unused footage for the Circus video, which we saw in For The Record.
  9. I’ve said it a million times (and will continue to do so), but Out From Under would’ve been the perfect spring single and a big hit for her. It was personal without going too in-depth about the past year and ballads were big at the time. Plus it would’ve shown another side to Britney. If U Seek Amy would’ve fared better in the summer anyway and Unusual You would be a great fall single.
  10. Although I never really loved Out From Under that much, I do agree that it would have been a good single choice. A change of pace after Womanizer and Circus would have kept things interesting.
  11. ...........And where do you think the owner of the fan account got unreleased footage filmed by MTV's cameras that has spent all this time in MTV's vaults?
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  14. I'm so happy for DJ Cummerbund! He's super talented and works his ass off, so it's great to see him getting recognized for it by The Industry
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  15. I'm sorry but this will never not make me laugh. Cummer on the beat!
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  16. Is it really MTV's doing if the videos were taken down right away by Viacom?
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  17. Holy fuck.
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  18. Oh my gkd
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