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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Did she lie?
  2. That time period when she was recording In the Zone while living in New York and did nothing but serve looks while shopping was cute and feels like a more innocent tabloid era before it all got too much.

  3. Ι wish she got to live in New York longer. I felt like it was really space for her creativity and also for her as a young adult.
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  4. The way she so fondly reminisced on her time there recently on Instagram made me really sad. It seemed like it was one of her last tastes of true freedom and independence.
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  5. Sam seems like a good sort, or am I wrong? These tabloid led Twitter commentators need to let Britney live and if she does make mistakes, they're her mistakes to make. I hope she gets everything she wants and more.
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  6. It’s official! She made the list.
  7. Paris has emerged as such a loyal friend through the years. I wonder if they will ever reconnect.
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  8. Paris said they still talk, as far as I’m aware. Didn’t she mention hanging out with Britney last summer?
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  9. I've just seen a video about him from The Body Language Guy on youtube. The video was not putting him in a good light.
    I guess we all wish that he's here for the right reasons. At the end, we don't know him, Britney does. I like to think that she's more clever than people think and that at this point in her life she knows what she's doing. She's happy with him so that's all that matters. She truly deserves that so let's just let her be.
  10. That Rolling Stone list is one hot mess. But what else is new ddd.
  11. Well that settles it!
  12. I did love this bit though, not gonna lie.

    “The song that introduced the world to the most influential female pop artist to come around since Madonna was originally intended for TLC, but the R&B group rejected it.”
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  13. I invite you to read the rest of my post before emphazing that particular line.
  14. The fanbase are determined to paint Sam in a bad light. I truly hope when the conservatorship is dissolved the weird conspiracy theory posts stop because *Nene voice* it's getting weird.

    As far as I'm concerned, he's never done anything to arouse suspicion. He's consistently stood by Britney throughout some of the hardest years of her life, he's never used her platform to be a celebrity in his own right or promote himself at uncomfortable levels. He keeps his head down, posts his fitness videos and speaks up when necessary (which isn't very often).
  15. He's been with her for five years. That's a mighty long time to play the long con to what? Get a few acting roles and some publicity?

    The woman is not stupid. If he was bad news, she would know by now. I trust her judgement and instincts and if she likes him, I like him. Fin.
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  17. It seems like some of these fans only wanted conservatorship to end so they could control and infantilize her themselves.
  18. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    It’s something… although I’m not exactly sure how I’d define it, to see one week a group of fans take and given credit for her father’s petitioning to end her conservatorship, only to turn around and start conducting CIA-style subversion campaigns against her longtime boyfriend, now fiancé.

    Exactly when will people let go?
  19. It was very nice of Octavia to apologize for her comment and Sam responded in the comments too. He’s such a sweetheart.

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